Hello Everyone,
All of us know that hair care includes regular nourishment and cleansing. To keep them healthy and tidy, good quality sulfate free shampoo is a must, which does not damage your hair during the wash. Go for a shampoo according to your hair type and the brand that suits you. If you have dry and limp hair, you could opt for volumising shampoo or shampoo for dry hair while oily tresses can be managed with shampoo for oily hair. If you have an itchy scalp with dandruff, don’t forget to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, followed by a hair conditioner. You could also go all natural with herbal shampoo that is devoid of any chemicals!
As we all know that a beautiful hairdo can make you look trendier, but for that we need healthy and quality hair. As there are so many options available in the market, we need to chose wisely among the vibrant range of shampoos. For that I have decided to review a shampoo from a very famous brand which is also one of my favorite i.e. Bodyshop. The reason I love this brand is because they use natural products and also they are they are effective.
I have tried so many shampoos from different brands, the Banana Shampoo & conditioner has been loved by so many and has been praised by almost everyone who have tried it. Hence, I didn’t hesitate to pick this up since my shampoo were getting over. It gently cleanse and nourish your hair with smell so good and will leave your hair feeling clean, soft and silky. It has a very concentrated  banana scent as expected. The shampoo is perfect for oily hair. The duo works well on flat hair or hair which needs a surge of volume, it makes the hair squeaky clean with no build up. Shampoo lathers very well and very little is required for each use. Doesn’t strip the moisture from the hair, also not too pricey considering that this actually works.


banana shampoo

Price : Rs. 762

It makes my hair so shiny and soft. I mean extremely shiny. My hair is pretty damaged and this makes it look very healthy also, I enjoy the banana scent. However, it does nothing more than add shine. Just some softness, and good smell. It does not claim to add moisture, protein, nourishment, color protection, fullness, etc.
Pros of The Body Shop Banana Shampoo:
1. Gives volume to limp hair
2. Softens and gives a shine
3. Removes oil very easily
Hence, I can conclude that this would suit hair which needs volume and bounce. Try this amazing product from bodyshop so as to make your hair healthy and shiny.