There’s nothing more satisfying than having a bomb makeup product that doesn’t break the bank. And thanks to Eugène Rimmel and Thomas Lyle Williams (the founders of Maybelline), us not-so-rich humans have a way of looking flai as hell without spending a dime at Sephora.

Highlighters have become a staple item in everybody’s vanities for a while now. And Maybelline New York has managed to wow us all with the launch of their Master Chrome highlighters – and it’s like being touched by the hand of Midas.

The Master chrome highlighters come in 4 shades, out of which only two are available in India as of now – Molten Gold and Molten Rose Gold. Both highlighters stand true to their name – chrome – and give you a blinding, metallic, wet look finish without over application. The highlighters aren’t glittery or chunky and don’t look like you’ve lathered on pigment on your face. They blend easily, and manage to retain their chrome-ness throughout the day.


chrome 4

Personally, I love the texture of both highlighters. They’re creamy to touch and don’t feel gritty. They apply really well with both brushes and your fingers – so that’s a plus! They’re one of those highlighters that swatch well on both your hands and your face, blinding your haters back into their holes.

The Master Chrome babes aren’t patchy and don’t emphasise your skin texture or pores. They’re pretty blinding irl, so if you’re somebody who doesn’t like to wear a super glowy look to work, skip it and wear it on your weekends instead. Me? I always like to go all out on highlighter and the Master Chromes are my babies any day of the week!


chrome 2


The Master Chrome highlighters retail for INR 550. Find them online or in local stores.

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