Bleach your way into the old clothes

To bleach or not to bleach…ever wondered how to fade your clothing? There are a few different ways to fade material and how to make clothes look older. One of the most popular methods is to use bleach. However, there are some natural ways to do it too.


How to Lighten Fabric By Hand

Find a large container big enough to hold your clothing and fill it with water, adding a cup of bleach for every 4.5 litres of water.
Using rubber gloves, carefully submerge your clothing into the mixture so that all the fabric is under the water. If not, the fade will not come out evenly.
Soak for five to ten minutes before checking the fade. If you require more fading, submerge and leave for a further five to ten minutes until you achieve the desired results.
Rinse under warm water thoroughly (whilst still wearing your gloves) and then launder as usual in the washing machine.


 How to Lighten Fabric Using Natural Sunlight Without Bleach  

Wash your clothes in hot water to help prepare the fabric for the fading clothes process.
Hang the clothes out to dry in the day in direct sunlight to achieve a natural fade on the fabric.
Make sure you alternate the side of the clothing that is facing the sun every 15 minutes so that each side gets equal exposure.
In the evening, bring your clothes back in and check whether the fabric has faded enough. If not, return outside when it’s daylight again.
Repeat the process until you get the desired look.

How to Fade Fabric In The Washing Machine

Set your machine to the hottest cycle before washing as this makes fading material easier.
Check the fade once your clothes are dry. Wet clothes may appear brighter, making it hard to tell what the finished result looks like.
If possible, dry your clothes out in the daylight to help the fading process along.
If you would like further fading, repeat the process as often as necessary.
Use bleach and water to soak your clothing in. Add bleach to your washing machine.
Wash clothes with hot water and leave them out to dry in natural sunlight.
Create raw edges by cutting away necklines, cuffs and hems.
Use coarse sandpaper to rub areas of the fabric to fade, soften and wear down.
how to fade your clothing men’s denim jacket
There’s no need to spend money on new items when it’s this easy to recreate the look at home using items you’re probably bored of wearing. A great way to get creative, recycle and give your old clothing some new life!