Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas 2018 Collection showcased an army of model brides in the royal jewellery designs, the collection was named “Delhi Durbar”

In this life where each one of us running towards modern look, attires and jewellery there are few brands who are still trying to revive the traditions and heritage. The Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas brand is one of the most talented craftsmen in the country. Years of training, exceptional levels of skill and a passion for the art of jewellery making sets these artisans apart from the rest of the designer jewellery brands. Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas 2018 Collection was named “Delhi Durbar”, showcased an army of model brides all decked in intricately handcrafted jewellery. The models were dressed in Jayanti Reddy couture, but the jewellery was clearly the star of the show.

The Jaipur-based jewellery brand was established in 1950, now has looked back on the journey which they have come across and opened their lookbook for India’s imperial past to dress the 21st-century bride. Their recent collection was a tribute to the city’s bejewelled past of slow luxury and regal opulence.

This collection featured uncut diamonds and precious stones layered into intricate statement but still showcased a modern slant with its elegant pastel colour palette. This collection will give a special touch to embrace tradition and grandeur, the collection ensures that pieces will go on to become modern heirlooms. Jewellery has its own charm which needs no words to express the beauty of a person. Just scroll down our gallery and check glimpse of the fashion show.

Brand’s Journey started from johri bazaar and moved to another busy shopping areas like Mirja Ismail Road was continued by the founder’s son Shri Ghanshyamdas and now his sons Ramanuj Agarwal. Dr Nawal Agarwal and Shri Lalit Agarwal.

Yash Agarwal, creative director and design head of the brand said,” I am extremely elated that our journey that started with our first store in Jaipur has now reached the national capital. Always take the road less travelled, we at Birdhichand have always stood as the paragon of innovation and panache in the segment of luxury jewellery brands and will always look forward to. We have graciously received an overwhelming response to the Delhi Durbar collection and we look ahead to serving the Delhi brides in the coming times.”

Few words that well describe the brand are – Exceptionally traditional and contemporary, with the finest design which defines, “expression is the style that is fashionable and glamorous, and unique.” For people who trust the brand has always believed that their Jewellery is about honesty and fascination with people. Its more about touching the inner beauty of a person and their aspiration is to be timeless in their work.

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