Bid Farewell To The Chill : ABH Is Set To Drop The New Riviera Palette

Let’s be real – EVERYBODY is sick of the cold weather. Why can’t it be summer already? So we can binge on ice cream, dunk into pools and complain about the heat. Regardless of whatever your thermometer is reading, ABH is more than ready to kick start summer.

Introducing the Riviera Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Inspired by paradise, the palette boasts shade versatility in the cutest sailor theme packaging! (I’ll probably get it for the packaging itself lol)

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Unlike it’s predecessors, the Riviera palette has an even balance of seven warm and seven cool shades of eyeshadow.  There are eight ultra-matte shades, four metallic shades, and two duo chrome shades.

For makeup beginners, duo chrome refers to products that show off more than one color depending on how the light hits.

  • SAILS Matte white
  • YACHT Mauve taupe duo chrome with a violet shift
  • SEYCHELLES Shimmery aqua marine
  • PALERMO Shimmery jewel pink
  • SEASIDE Duo chrome silver with a blue shift
  • INHERITANCE Shimmery true gold
  • MEDITERRANEAN Shimmery sky blue
  • ESTATE Matte pastel peachy pink
  • CABANA Matte muted mustard
  • COASTLINE Matte pastel soft peach
  • BAHAMAS Matte hot pink
  • MONTE CARLO Matte cool mid tone pink
  • CANNES Matte violet purple
  • PALM Matte dark chocolate brown

Additionally, in true ABH fashion, the palette comes with a mirror and dual-sided eyeshadow brush. Although this palette has all new shades and new formulas, the color payoff remains the same. Similar to previous palettes, Rivera gives fans the same high-pigmented shades for a more intense look.

Also, according to Norvina the President of ABH, you can pair your Love glitters with the palette to create striking lewks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Riviera palette will retail for $45 and officially drops on 4th March on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. The eyeshadow palette will retail in stores starting 7th March.

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