Best Winter Perfumes include everything from spicy to saucy and floral to fresh

Best perfumes are filled in small bottles. Diamonds filled with fruit! Stilettos stuffed with tonka beans! English fields of flapjacks! is what we can expect from best winter perfumes. As the colder months are approaching, it’s time to set aside the fresh stuff and welcome new fragrances that lite up your mood and make you feel better about everything this season. Check out some of the best perfumes launched which you need to buy them this season.


Chanel N°5 EDP Red Edition

Best Winter Perfumes _ Style Gods

Red hot and ready for Christmas! For the first time in the history of Chanel, the iconic No.5 fragrance will be available in a limited-edition red bottle. Christmas shoppers looking for true festive feels, red holds special meaning for the house of Chanel. It’s “the colour of life, the colour of blood.”


Burberry Her Eau de Parfum

Best Winter Perfumes _ Style Gods

The new and first-ever gourmand fragrance from Burberry brings together the best of style and scent. Housed in a clear glass bottle, the pinky-peach juice inside is bursting with red berry notes and a white woody accord.


Kilian My Kind Of Love Collection

Best Winter Perfumes _ Style Gods

The scent inside of the new Kilian Princess Parfum is just as spectacular as the artful packaging. These are the four new fragrances from Kilian and they smell just as cheeky as the names.


Fleur D'Argent

Best Winter Perfumes _ Style Gods

The latest iteration of Miu Miu’s blockbuster scent is the first to move away from lily of the valley as a top note in favor of tuberose. Jasmine, orange blossom, and a note derived from patchouli oil all work in harmony to strike the perfect balance between overtly sexy and classically feminine.


JOY by Dior

Best Winter Perfumes _ Style Gods

Dior’s new scent Joy makes it easy to wear a bright and happy citrus scent in the cooler months. You’ll know right away that it’s a Dior perfume you’re sniffing thanks to the omnipresent Grasse rose and jasmine.

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