Best watches of the year so far with diverse price ranges

The best watches for some can be subjective in nature based on a person’s opinion. However, we could help you find watches which are most likely to be the best in 2017, so far. Somewhere in between highly expensive and reasonable tastes. Read below to find which suits you the best or if you’ve got a good size budget and want to see an up to date list, check out these 10 best watches under 1000 dollars.

1. Christopher Ward
The British-based brand raised the bar for watches in 2014 when it merged with Biel-based movement maker Synergies Horlogères. Since then, the direct-to-customer-selling firm has come to be taken rather more seriously by horophiles, leading to a recent re-branding and a new dial logo.
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The first watch to carry the new, understated Christopher Ward signature is the C65 Trident Classic MKII, with a sleeker look and a higher standard of finish. As well as the 43mm Classic, there is also a 38mm Vintage model with a high-shouldered, glass-box crystal.

2. Fossil
Fossil never claims to be exclusive, though it manufactures one of the best watches in the game. The American brand offers a huge range and, at the latest Baselworld show, the Fossil group declared it would roll out no fewer than 100 new smartwatches across its various dial names.
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If it’s a Fossil-branded smartwatch you want, there are four new models in the analogue range to choose from: Q Mate, Q Crewmaster and Q Tailor. Each one operates on non-rechargeable, internal batteries and connect via Bluetooth. You could purchase Q Crewmaster at the click of a button, below.

3. Michael Kors
The unstoppable US fashion brand offers an extensive range of mid-cost and efficient watches in everything from dress styles to chronographs. Now it’s tackling the smartwatch sector.

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The new Access smart watch runs Google’s Android Wear platform but works with iPhones, too. The smart technology offers fitness tracking, social media, text, emails and voice-activated googling.

4. Nixon
California-based Nixon is very popular among skateboarders and snowboarders. Well known for an extensive range of affordable and ultra-rugged sporty wristwear. It makes the best watches for professional snowboarders and ski enthusiasts. Therefore, the brand has now developed the first ultra-tough smart-watch.
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The Mission offers 100m water resistance, the highest of any smartwatch currently available. Its apps include surf and snow conditions. You can also customise the watch via the Nixon website.

5. Paul Smith
Renowned polymath Sir Paul Smith’s interest in all sorts of “things” shines through in his latest watch collection. The contents of the watch have been inspired by everything from the atomic era of the Fifties to vintage speedometers. Much as the minimalists will indulge in the Ma, the chunky Block chrono should appeal to car watch fans.

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The Atomic features a black ivory dial with contrasting black detailing and an orange seconds hand, which give it a vintage yet sporty character. The triple sub-dial arrangement provides 24-hour time, day and date indications.

6. Scuderia Ferrari
It is logical to think that all Ferrari watches should be high-end and highly priced. But the Movado Group, which owns the licence to produce Scuderia Ferrari-branded watches, prefers to leave Hublot to target the wealthy few. Instead, it focuses on selling affordable timepieces to the millions of watch enthusiasts whose pockets don’t weigh as much.

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The Aeroevo chronograph, a 46mm cushion-cased number with a carbon-look dial, yellow highlights and a Kevlar strap.

7. Tommy Hilfiger
Though it seems like the idea of a big, bold, budget chronograph featuring design elements inspired by classics such as the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona or Omega Speedmaster might appeal aplenty. You could do worse than a Luke chronograph with a 46mm case, tachymeter bezel and panda dial.

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Under the umbrella of parent company the Movado Group, the Tommy Hilfiger watch range is benefiting from a tie-in with HP, which has enabled the production of a new range of smartwatches to combine traditional looks with the latest tech.

8. Fossil

Fossil –  much as the go-to brand for dad gifts – is now making a play for the younger generation with full customisation. Its online personalisation service allows customers to select every component from a range of pre-designed options: the bezel, strap, dial and case is all down to you.

The best watchesPrices start at approx. £145.

9. Swatch
Swatch has quite the roster of big name fans: figures as diverse as Pharrell Williams, Tony Blair and Denzel Washington. You can now create your own piece thanks to the label’s new Swatch x You service. Most noteworthy makers of the best watches for early horophiles.

The best watchesWith diameters ranging from a modest 34mm to a more robust 41mm, the Swiss brand offers a kit of dials, straps and other elements that you put together as you see fit. However, at prices comfortably under £100 mark, you don’t need a celebrity pay packet to own one.

Prices start at approx. £45.

10. Timex Fairfield Chronograph

The best watchesSwiss guts aren’t the only marker of craftsmanship these days. The Timex Fairfield houses a quartz-powered chronograph function. A hallmark of to-the-second accuracy – proving that quality exists outside of Geneva. The lightweight nylon strap in classic navy, meanwhile, means it will pair with most looks. To get a piece of your own, visit the link below to find the best watches of your choice, apart from the ones recommended here.


So far the best, choose yours.