Best Makeup Brushes for perfect and flawless makeup

Every women on this planet would love to have a different vanity. A vanity that she could carry anywhere and show her perfect looks. But apart from a vanity I would love to see a beauty shelve with best beauty products and brands. Best makeup products and best makeup brushes give you a perfect look. Using makeup brushes is one of the best technique to use makeup professionally. Here are some of the best brushes that you need to check and buy.

Best Makeup Brushes _ stylegods


Beauty Blender 

Best Makeup Brushes _ stylegods

Wet the sponge with water. Squeeze out the excess liquid and bounce primer, foundation, powder, cream blush or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results.


Blush Brush

Best Makeup Brushes _ stylegods

Made with natural hair which is ideal for correct pick up and blending of the powder. The round shape of the hair allows smooth and even application of the powder.


Flat Brush

Best Makeup Brushes _ stylegods

A high quality of flat makeup brush that is great for laying down pressed pigments, shimmer and glitter to give you a high intensity and amazing look.


Powder Brush

Best Makeup Brushes _ stylegods

This is a fluffy brush which pick up enough amount of powder required to cover the face. These super soft bristles are not harsh on skin.


Blending Eye Shadow Brush

Best Makeup Brushes _ stylegods

A blending brush for your eye shadow is often underrated. It is the secret to having professional and flawless eye makeup.

So I hope that you are all set for going out with a flawless look for these navratri nights.

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