Best Indian Khadi Brands that force us to believe it’s a freedom we can’t live without, #MadeInIndia

Khadi was truly birth of Indian Independence and a dynamic activist. Its significance cannot be understood or reduced to just a handloom, or an Indian fabric or best Indian Khadi Brands. Decades ago, when our country and its men were struggling for independence, khadi was more than just cloth. It represented a movement for self-reliance, for economic empowerment, and for Indian pride. It promoted an idea that we could clothe ourselves with the cotton we grew, spun and wove rather than buy the exorbitantly priced foreign garments imported from Great Britain.

Today, contemporary Indian designers and indie clothing labels are embracing the freedom fabric wholeheartedly to bring their designs to life. From high-street clothing to ramp-ready garments, the spotlight is on khadi. Here are a few brands we love that are determined to give this highly eco-friendly, handspun fabric a makeover and elevate it to the ranks of high street fashion by blending textures, patterns, and silhouettes to create garments with effortless style and global appeal. Check out the amazing collection of these brands.


Nature Alley

Best Indian Khadi Brands _ Style Gods

Nature Alley was started in 2012 to promote natural dyed clothing and accessories in Khadi, Organic and Handloom fabrics working with weavers and spinners in villages in Karnataka, and providing a sustainable livelihood for the craftsmen through design and process intervention at various levels.



Best Indian Khadi Brands _ Style Gods

The word Malkha is a portmanteau of two words, mulmul and khadi. The brand stands for a sustainable field-to-fashion ideology where everyone involved in the fabric production. The yarn is specifically made for the handloom, to rid the artisans of their dependence on large spinning mills.


Red Sister Blue

Best Indian Khadi Brands _ Style Gods

A brand born with a vision to see Khadi as part of the urban culture, a part of the jeans-clad, iPhone gen-next urbanites’ style. Khadi in modern urban style, flaunted by the ripped jeans, crop top wearing generation. The clothing line is fresh, funky and is a celebration of hand-woven fabrics.


Fayakun Design Studio

Best Indian Khadi Brands _ Style Gods

Founded by two young designers Aastha Vashishth & Padma Saldon. The label has some extraordinary creations in pristine white khadi. khadi is here to stay. These designers and several others have discovered its strong organic character and natural appeal and they are sharing it with the rest of us in new, stylish ways.


Metaphor Racha

Best Indian Khadi Brands _ Style Gods

To Ravikiran and Chandrashekhar of Metaphor Racha, khadi is far more than a fabric. It is the embodiment of thoughts and the spirit. The brand has been working closely with weavers and artisans from Chitradurga to revive the fabric. Their artisan clothing line includes a range of dresses and jackets in asymmetric silhouettes and shibori prints.

“If we have the khadi spirit in us, then we would surround ourself with simplicity in every walk of life.”

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