Face Scrubs are important for healthy skin

5 best face scrubs

Every girl dream to have a perfect skin. The one which is flawless. The skin which is appreciated by every one. For a clear, sparkling and glowing face, exfoliation is important to remove dead cells and grime. You can even avoid acne and skin problems with the help of quality face scrubs. Regular exfoliation is supremely important in a healthy skin care regime since it helps in clearing off the dead and dull skin so that smooth and soft skin can come through.  If you do not regular exfoliation, the dead cells sit on the surface of your skin giving you a dull, rough appearance.

After the exfoliating process, you will feel refreshed with clear skin.  Here’s a list of some of the best exfoliating face products that will give you smooth and clear skin. Let’s check them out one by one ????


Berry Scrub

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It contains the goodness of Indian berberry or tree turmeric. Apart from it, the face scrub also contains the extracts of Neem and papaya seeds.


Lakme Clean Up Pores Face Scrubs

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With a mild fragrance, this face scrub gives quality lather and has a top-notch cleansing action. It has green tea extracts which gives a fresh feel. The salicylic acid content in it also prevents pimples and acne.


Biotique Bio Papaya

Face Scrubs _ stylegods

Perfect for removing the dead skin cells and restore the sheen, this scrub makes your skin soft and supple. Fruit facials and fruit scrubs are best for all skin types and these do not cause reactions like other chemical based products.


St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub

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This is one face scrub which is pocket-friendly and brings on the magic by keeping blemishes, blackheads in control. It has a lovely fruity aroma and removes dead cells easily.


Bio Care Face Scrub Cucumber

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Since it contains cucumber extracts, this Bio Care Face Scrub gives a cool and soothing feel to the skin. The vitamin E present in this scrub nourishes the skin and helps in skin brightening and reduction of pigmentation.

Using these face scrub on a regular basis to attain fresh, energetic and young look to you. If you have oily skin, then use it once a week and if you have dry skin, then use it twice a week.

Stay Young.


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