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There comes a point every year, when it becomes impossible to wear jeans. Mostly it happens during summer time as there is so much of sweating. One day they’re right, the next day the weight of denim and the tightness of the fabric’s weave is too much. Its better to find a cooler alternative. This is where chinos come in. They’re the warm-weather alternative to jeans but you can also wear them during winter season. Its all about the right pair of chinos. Also, one more thing which is important while picking the right chino is that you must try to pair something really simple with them however, you can try them under a blazer and shirt. Also if you are looking for a casual look then try them with a plain white T-shirt or a grey sweatshirt. They have a sleekness that makes them look smarter than jeans, thanks to their inconspicuous set-in pockets, and the fact that they’re a solid color, with no fade lines.

In recent times, chinos have played a greater part in the fashion industry, after all experimenting with different colors is not a bad idea at all.  It depends on the type of wearer you are, as most of the men doesn’t like to carry themselves with so many colors. In that case you should try dark colors like black, brown or navy. Mostly we think that only college going boys prefer to wear these type of trousers, but nowadays i have seen so many men wearing chinos at their workplace. But chinos can only be paired with your formal wears, if your employers are ok with the casual-formal concept.

When dressing for more formal occasions, your chinos should be of a fine lightweight twill and fit pretty much as your suit trousers do. And for a casual look try to team your chinos with nice graphic t-shirts, and also try to focus on the leg width of the chino you are wearing. As, if you are using it for a casual look then it should be a slightly wider-legged chino, also if you want you can try to roll them up above the ankle to add more funk to your look.

So, here are some of the best chinos available in the market from the most preferred and promising brands.

1. Stretch Cotton Trousers by Zara



Price : Rs. 2290

Try these amazing chinos from Zara as they have really nice fabric and there are so many color options available.

Buy it here : http://www.zara.com/in/en/man/trousers/chinos/stretch-cotton-trousers-c551502p3184725.html


 2. Blue Slim Fit Chinos by Gas



Price : Rs. 6392

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/Gas-Blue-Slim-Fit-Chinos-1292747.html?pos=9


3. Brown Slim Fit Chinos by Jack & Jones



Price : Rs. 1498

Buy it here : 


4. Olive Slim Fit Chinos by Gas



Price : Rs. 6392

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/Gas-Olive-Slim-Fit-Chinos-1467818.html?pos=29


5. Chinos with belt by Zara



Price : Rs. 2290

Buy it here : http://www.zara.com/in/en/man/trousers/chinos/chinos-with-belt-c551502p3276504.html


6. Brown Colored Chinos by Tommy Hilfiger



Price : Rs. 4950

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/Tommy_Hilfiger-Brown-Colored-Chinos-1668729.html?pos=38


7. Classic Chinos by Forever21



Price : Rs. 1259

Buy it here : http://www.forever21.com/IN/Product/Product.aspx?BR=21MEN&Category=m_bottom_pants&ProductID=2000184401&VariantID=


8. Grey Regular Fit Chinos by Jack & Jones



Price : Rs. 3495

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/jack-jones-Grey-Regular-Fit-Chinos-745270.html?pos=23


9. Grey Skinny Fit Chinos by Gas



Price : Rs. 4794

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/Gas-Grey-Skinny-Fit-Chinos-1292755.html?pos=42


10. Brown Slim Fit Chinos by French Connection



Price : Rs. 4199

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/French_Connection-Brown-Slim-Fit-Chinos-1823170.html?pos=80


Get these amazing pair of chinos to get the desired look and like i said’ its better to experiment with the colors’, but then try to avoid colors like red or green as they look really bad or in other words ” Fashion Disaster “.

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