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When Benefit Cosmetics brought their brow goodness to India, there was hardly anyone who was as excited as I were. I had been dependent on the brand’s iconic Goof Proof Brow Pencil for a while, and it was a tough task getting your hands on them in India. Lucky me, we now can shop Benefit Cosmetics in India. And Benefit Brows are definitely the best.

The brand has 2 iconic pencils – the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, and the Precisely, My Brow. Both make their makes proud, and help us in achieving our brow game to level 100.

Precisely, My Brow Pencil

Oh my WOW…precise & defined eyebrows! This ultra-fine eyebrow pencil draws incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes that last 12 budge-proof hours. A few strokes of the rich yet blendable color will transform brows from shapeless & undefined to filled & defined eyebrows. Includes signature Tips & Tricks.

  • Comes in full size & mini
  • Now available in 12 shades!
  • Twist-up, non-sharpen tip
  • Built-in spoolie-brush
  • Waterproof eyebrow pen
precisely, my brow
Source: Cult Beauty
Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Presto…everyone’s an expert with this super easy filling & shaping eyebrow pencil. It features a custom, non-sharpen “goof-proof” tip, soft color and a glide-on formula for easy & fast brow filling. Comes complete with built-in blending spoolie-brush and signature Tips & Tricks!

  • Comes in full size & mini
  • Now available in 12 shades!
  • 12-hour waterproof formula
goof proof
Source: Cult Beauty
The Shade Extension

Both pencils initially had 8 shades each. The brand has since dropped 4 more shades, bringing the tally to 12.

  • 1: cool light blonde
  • 2: warm golden blonde
  • NEW Shade 2.5: neutral blonde
  • NEW Shade 2.75: warm auburn
  • 3: warm light brown
  • 3.5: neutral medium brown
  • NEW Shade 3.75: warm medium brown
  • 4: warm deep brown
  • 4.5: neutral deep brown
  • 5: warm brown-black
  • 6: cool soft black
  • NEW Shade grey: cool grey
Benefit Brows Shade Extension
Source: Brand

In conclusion, there’s benefit brows for everybody. Although there is no word on when India gets the update, if you still want to shop the pencils, you can.

On Nykaa : Precisely, My Brow and Goof Proof Brow Pencil

You can also shop the Benefit Brow Pencils at Sephora.

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