Who remembers when the “100 layers of” trend? I do, not because it was ingenuous. But it was straight up stupid. I still shudder at the 100 layers of foundation and the 100 layers of nails. *ugh* Thank goodness, beauty trends come and beauty trends go. But I definitely have some hope for this year, which includes some makeup changes.

When it comes to beauty and makeup, I hold no judgements. I like that people use makeup as a form of expression – it’s uplifting, and liberating. Having said that, my desire is that people leave some trends in 2018.



I did NOT like any of the brow beauty trends that came and went. Sure, it might’ve been fun looking at them, but it was a big nope from me. A1 for creativity, an F for longevity.

credit - ELLE

2019 will be about natural/feathered brows (feathered, not feather). And Instagram is witness to the change. I love seeing stunning makeup looks where the models are repping natural looking brows.

Use brow pencils like Precisely, my brow by Benefit or a pomade to create hair like strokes to create the effect of natural brows.



My biggest pet peeve is when somebody turns their head and I see a line of contour.


Please, blend that s***! It does NOT look pretty.

image credit - reddit

I’m not saying give up contour altogether. I’m saying I wish the contour was softer. You can achieve a chiseled look by contouring with a lighter hand, y’know. You don’t want to have a brown stripe across your face or down your nose.

Some people just TAKE it there with contour, to the point that they start looking brown. *insert eye roll emoji*

Instead of piling contour on, apply a little on the back of your hand. Pick up using a brush and apply to desired area, blending your way into it.



I mean, I’m a sucker for matte lipstick. You can eat, dance and be merry without the worry of it smudging off.

Although, applying matte lipstick without prepping your lips is a huge miss. Some people have normally dry lips. Which gives the appearance of crusty lips if you top them off with an ultra matte lip.

I’d love to see gloss making waves this year, more than it normally does.

MAC Lip scrubtious

Don’t give up on your favourite matte lipsticks. Just scrub your lips using either a store bought scrub or make one at home before you apply your lippie.



I understand insecurity, but at the same time, I hope people tend to not over do lip fillers. It can cause serious ramifications in the long run, and it doesn’t look nice either.

Kylie Jenner MET 2017

So, I would totally get if somebody wanted fillers. But i just hope they know when to stop.



This one’s for the dudes. I get giving into beauty trends, but please don’t shove glitter into your beards. It makes me feel so so uneasy. HOW do you get it all out???


I recently saw a particular post where somebody had covered their pet’s privates in glitter. (???????????????????) I fail to understand humans sometimes.



Whether it was the icky teeth nails (I’m a dentist, and I wasn’t impressed) to the nails with their hair extensions (wth was that?), PLEASE DON’T.



Unmatched foundation and Flashback Marys might still happen every now and then. But that isn’t deliberate. So I’m good with it. Unless it IS deliberate. Then be gone, y’all!

Here’s to cleaner, non-weirder beauty in 2019!

PS: I’m not trying to be shady, nor do I claim to be an expert in all things makeup. These are just my unfiltered opinions, and I’d like to extend my apologies in advance. My intention is not to hurt anybody’s feelings.

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