When the Beauty Blender was launched, everybody went nuts over the pink egg. Of course, then followed numerous dupes – different brands with their own take on the beauty blender. And present day 2019, we have SO many blenders/sponges on the market. Some are affordable, some, not so much. Here’s my round off of the make-up sponges that I think work really well. And aren’t as costly as the beauty blender.

Also, you can find them easily in local waters.


I’ve raved about Henaa’s Dab It sponge way back when. And now, the entrepreneur has dropped another babe in her bucket – the Dab It Precision Sponge.

Formulated with real velvet and no latex, these sponges are the closest to the Beauty Blender you can get. And it costs half of what the OG egg costs.

Find on the brand’s website. You can shop them individually, or as a duo!


When it comes to Indie brands, the YBP Perfector was the first sponge I ever used. And I was obsessed with it, well, until I was introduced to the Dab It sponge.

The sponge is made of High-Quality LATEX-FREE Material. It is hypoallergenic, and great for sensitive skin.

Contains the perfect amount of softness and bounce to get HD Flawless looking coverage in less than a minute.

Your Beauty Pal
Make Up Perfector – Lust

This sponge has two advantages

  1. The colour – black prevents any stains from showing. My OCD can’t handle stains
  2. It comes with a very essential travel-friendly container. It remains Breathable and protects your damp sponge from getting exposed to dirty surfaces.

Shop it here. It’s pricier than the Dab It Sponges.


Not an indie brand, and definitely not Indian. But still super popular, and easily available in desi land.

  • rounded sides blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion
  • precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections
  • flat edge for contouring around the eyes and nose
  • ideal for liquid foundation
  • latex-free

Shop the orange babe on Nykaa. (and don’t worry, you won’t find Donald Trump in your mail)

Real Techniques Sponge
Miracle Complexion Sponge

When I was in Calcutta early this year, I shopped till I ~almost~ dropped at Mumuso (thanks, Saiba!) I picked up their Water drop sponge – and was pleasantly surprised when I used it.


Blends to perfection.

Cheap AF.

You can shop the bb at Mumuso stores wherever you find them.

Mumuso Sponge
Water Drop Sponge

So go on and ace that base – streak free!

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