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I’m a person who doesn’t like to mess with so many products when its comes to my skin and the reason is I have a very sensitive skin and most of the cosmetics causes irritation and other side effects. I believe there could be many others out there who are facing the same problem, so I have discovered few products which worked like a magic for my skin.
Firstly I’ll start with my personal favorite i.e. Bodyshop although its not a very fancy brand but the products are really good and worth buying. They are not harsh on your skin and doesn’t cause any side effects and almost suits every skin types. Body shop has a huge variety of products for both skin and hair care.
So, here is the best sold categorized list of skin care products:

The Bodyshop Vitamin E intense moisture cream


Price : Rs. 1595 for 100ml, Rs.995 for 50ml

An easily absorbed daily moisturizing cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturizing benefits of a cream. 
• Hydrates and protects 
• Light and easily absorbed 
• Leaves skin soft and healthy-looking
Also, dry skin women who have used this range says that it locks the moisture for long hours and keeps the skin hydrated and supple. It is known to make skin feel silky smooth with regular use.
The consistency of this cream is thick but it gets absorbed in the skin easily. Skin feels moisturized for the next 6-8 hours.
 UntitledAfter trying so many moisturizing creams and lotions from different brands like Vlcc and Oriflame I was satisfied though, but after using it I got amazing results like my skin does not have that greasy texture anymore. Hence I finally decided to order this vitamin e intense moisture cream from Bodyshop from an e-commerce site as I have done some research from various websites and read reviews of many users that they are really satisfied and finally got what they wanted and somehow I was also convinced to buy this product. So, when I got this product I asked my mother to try it as I’m usually scared of using new products on my skin and also I wanted to get her reviews about the same as she is a big critic and is generally is not satisfied with the things i select for her but it was surprised to see that she liked it so much that now she has started taking Bodyshop products and also suggest them to her friends.
As for me I have a combination of dry as well as oily skin so, it suits my skin and gets absorbed very easily and like other creams it doesn’t gives that greasy texture even after so many hours.
 In there vitamin e moisturising collection they have a huge range and in my next blog I will reviewing these products as well so stay tuned.

Vitamin E moisture serum


Vitamin E nourishing night cream


Vitamin E SPF 15 moisture lotion

 b4Vitamin E under eye cream and overnight serum oil
b5Vitamin E gentle face wash, Hydrating toner, Cream cleanser


And in the last

Vitamin E BB cream


which would give the final touch to your beauty by hiding all the blemishes and enhancing you face texture.
You can buy these according to your need and can expect best results.
The products I have mentioned above are very nice and would definitely help you in the same manner in which it helped me .
Stay tuned for more product reviews and I will continue getting more and more stuff for you.
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