Sport has taught me how to handle failure. It has also taught me how to handle success. It has kept me grounded. It has taught me humility. Two years ago I struggled with depression. I was sinking. I almost gave up. But it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength to fight and never ever give up! And so I want to say to every girl and every boy and every woman and every man…play a sport…because it changed my life…and it will change yours too!” Deepika said in a post on her page.

Nike India, the sportswear brand has launched a new music video aimed at girls, urging them to go out and play a sport. The video features Nike’s brand ambassador Deepika Padukone and several female athletes. Since monday i.e. 13th July, the new Nike video, “Da Da Ding” is the rage on social media everywhere. It has received around a million likes on actor’s facebook page. What the video conveys is that today both Deeepika Padukone, Bollywood star and Rani Rampal, youngest player in India’s national field hockey team spend their days in radically different ways, yet their paths to success are similar: each has acquired the discipline and confidence to succeed through her participation in sport. According to them, sport has given them the courgae and confidence to be unstoppable and overcome all obstacles admist their path to success.


Deepika fought depression with fantastic support from her friends, family and especially through her father’s training in sport. As a sportsperson, she aquired the skill to handle both failure and success simultaneously. Sport teaches you to be daring, full of spirit, confidence, unstoppable and to overcome your fear.


When I(Deepika) was growing up my father said to me, “To be the best, always remember the three D’s – Discipline, Dedication and Determination. Follow your heart. Do what you are passionate about.”


In this video, Deepika is seen with a host of sportspersons — training, falling and picking herself up again. This video depicts the incredible power of sport. This is advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy’s first-ever campaign for Nike in India.

Female participation in sport helps to alter a girl or woman’s self-image in numerous ways, including feelings of control, competence and strength, statement from Nike.


Hence, this video campaign is aimed to mark shift in strategy for the brand by focusing on this growing consumer segment. This is something that really needs to be applauded for its gesture of empowering women through sport that builds them both mentally and physically strong.