Stila Cosmetics was my first ever purchase at Sephora. I bought two of their liquid lipsticks – whose names now slip my mind – but I was in LOVE with them. Stila is known for their lipsticks, and of course, their shimmer eye shadows. But for Spring 2019, the brand raked in lip glosses – THE trend this year. There’s something about wearing a glossy lip. Something that a matte lip can’t justify. Something that makes you a boss.


This gloss is the boss!

Stila’s new lip gloss features the next generation of light-refracting, iridescent pearls to create intense shine, pure color and amplified dimension. The hyaluronic filling spheres and luminous oils add natural-looking volume and glow, without burning or stinging.

  • High-performance, multi-dimensional shine and color.
  • Hydrating, cushioned comfort with a lightweight, non-tacky feel.
  • Lips instantly look and feel plumper, softer and smoother.
  • Synergy
  • Whitespace
  • Pink Slip
  • Golden Parachute
  • Blue Sky
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Win-Win
  • Empowering
  • Payday
  • In The Red
  • Bonus Baby
  • In The Black

The finishes on the Beauty Boss Lip Glosses are said to be cream and shimmer. The pigmentation is fantastic, they taste yummy and don’t bleed into the lines.

The glosses can be worn either alone or topped off over your favourite lipstick.

The Beauty Boss Lip Gloss costs $15 each, which is a pretty decent price for a Sephora brand. You can shop them on the brand’s website, or any other retail stores which carry Stila Cosmetics.

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