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Today I am reviewing Bblunt dry shampoo . I guess you all can relate to this , My hair becomes oil factory in hot sunny days  .I was looking for a revolutionary product which can help in controlling oil in my hair .Especially I was tired of greasy hair on the third day after shampoo . We don’t have that much of time to wash our hair every second day so decided to buy a dry shampoo . There are not many options available in Indian market right now . So after researching a lot I came across this BBlunt Dry shampoo . I wanted to make sure that this worth buying for so I decided to pick its travel size bottle then if it’s worth buying then ill buy its normal size . 

How it works: 

 The process of using this is quite simple and convenient .You just need to spray onto your roots and then massage it through after applying it brush your  hair and you are good to go .

Why it recommend this to you: 

This is a great product and this is value for money product. It is handy and easy to use . It works really well . it controls the oil and also a plus point is it gives instant volume to your hair which is good if you hair thin hair and looking for texture. it freshens up your hair really well and helps to get rid of oily hair odour.I was relly concerned about residue but no such residue for was in my hair  which is another plus point .  

I highly recommend this dry shampoo to you guys because this product is worth buying for . I already ordered its normal size. this product this worthy and it will not pinch your pocket because it lasts for more than a month if you use a generous amount of it . 

Buy it here: 

BBLUNT MINI Back To Life Dry Shampoo, For Instant Freshness

BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo, For Instant Freshness (125ml)


So guys go get yourself one and do right a comment down below for more reviews like this 

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