When you hear the word “baking”, if you’re a regular person, you think breads, cakes, confectionaries, chocolate oozing out of things. But if you’re a makeup junkie or somebody who is constantly awed with the ever growing make up industry, you think technique. You think powder. You also think of Flashback Mary (sorry, Sister Charles)

Baking is a technique that has been used in the drag industry for years, long before it became mainstream. It basically involves letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to ten minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your foundation and concealer. And when you’ve dusted the excess off after the elapsed time, you are left with a flawless, creaseless finish.

RCMA Loose Powder
Baking technique. Credit: Pinterest

There are multiple products in the market that help you set your face to the nines, but my favourite one has to be the RCMA No-Color Powder.


RCMA Loose Powders are a staple in the industry and should be a part of every pro makeup artist’s kit. RCMA Powder will keep your foundations set and dry without “caking.” Our No-Color Powder can be used for all powdering purposes. Since it has no filler or pigment it will not alter the color of foundation bases.


The RCMA No-Color Powder retails for $12 for 3 oz. of product. I purchased mine through an Instagram seller, for INR 1400 – it sounds steep, but for the amount you get, it’s a worthy investment.

The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black flip top cap and product information in the front and back. On unscrewing the back, you have to peel off a protective cover which will then dispense product through the top. The sad thing is, you need a separate space to take the powder out in.

RCMA No-Color Powder

Personally, I love this product to set my foundation. I don’t bake a lot, but when I do, I definitely use the RCMA. Don’t be afraid of the whiteness of the powder, it won’t leave a cast, nor will it flashback in photos, despite having silica in it.

The RCMA is super finely milled. It also doesn’t oxidise, and it doesn’t change the colour of your base. Some people complain that it doesn’t keep super oily skin at bay, but I have dry skin so I can’t personally comment on that particular issue. My skin feels amazing post application. My way is to use a damp beauty blender, pick up product, and press it into my skin. The result? Flawless, airbrushed looking skin!

Evon Wahab Baking. Credit: Pinterest

My foundation doesn’t crease all day long when I’ve used the RCMA. And it’s also pretty travel friendly, so you’ll see it in my kit ALL the time!

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Translucent
  4. Doesn’t oxidise
  5. Doesn’t move base product, nor alters the colour
  6. No flashback, caking or creasing
  7. No flakiness
  8. Doesn’t accentuate dry patches
  1. Packaging can get messy (PET PEEVE ALERT!)
  2. Might sometimes feel too drying
  3. Not easily available in India
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