Understanding bag types is easy and mostly depends on your use. Bags come in different styles and shapes. These shapes are essentially determined as per use and functionality. Fun fact, that is where their names are also derived from.

Pretty bags with usability are a must-have accessory. Not only their outside structures have changed from time to time, also there has been a lot of transformation on the inside.

The best way to select a bag is not always related with prevelant trend, but to seek its usage on a regular basis. Let us understand their types through a visual glossary.


1) Messenger Bag

bag types


2) Bucket Bag

 Bag type


3) Hobo Bags

hobo bags


4)  Tote Bags

tote bag


5) Envelope bag

Envolpe bag



6) Clutch Bags

clutch bags


7) Doctor bag

Doctor bag

8) Duffie Bag

Duffle bags





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