Hello Ladies,
A question for all ladies out there, do you remember the last time you stepped out of the house without a bag. Answers: never; oh, it was a disaster never had such a bad day leave without handbag, who does that and other responses. The point behind bringing this up is to indicate the importance of handbags that everyone has taken for granted. How skipping a simple accessory as handbag can affect your whole day. 
Having a handbag that just serves the purpose of carrying essentials is something ladies don’t prefer to list in their choices today. It has to be a piece that is lavish, modern and utterly plush. There are so many varieties available in the market that you would never feel like you have enough. There are the basic types of handbags and then there are the occasional ones available in wide range. And choosing between them is always like fighting a war inside your head, ask any girl. 
To help you in the process here is a list of handbags for women that you can refer to every time.



Price : Rs. 2290




Price : Rs. 1990




Price : Rs. 2290




Price : Rs. 1999




Price : Rs. 1390




Price : Rs. 4250




Price : Rs. 2990



Price : Rs. 2890




Price : Rs. 3490




Price : Rs. 4990


Handbags have come be an important component of a woman’s wardrobe. Bags, nowadays, come in a variety of designs so that you get the exact one to meet your fashion requirement. There is something for everyone in this versatile range. For instance, the college goers can take their pick among the colorful sling bags, satchel bags, or shoulder bags that are always in vogue. Heading out to a beach party or a night out? Carrying stylish tote bags or hobo bags could do the trick. 
Add style to your getup carrying a chic handbag.
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