Aurus Jewellery: Brand creates a beautiful object of adornment that echoes sentiments

“Jewellery is like an Ice-Cream, there is always room for more.” And when it comes to wedding’s there is nothing important than jewellery. Wedding jewellery is that segment of a lady of the hour’s look that improves her clothing as well as her excellence and takes it to another level. What is distinctive about Indian brides is their elaborate jewellery that speaks volumes about our Indian culture and tradition. Aurus jewellery brand creates exceptional pieces that are simple yet elegant, classic yet timeless. ”

The brand has a very simple philosophy which says, “One cannot be forever innovating, I am here to create classics! Aurus is a shared dream to create a young, exclusive and modern brand that offers a certain design sensibility within a boutique set-up thereby making the experience of buying jewellery very personal and special. Just scroll our gallery and check out their amazing collection which every bride would love to wear on her most special day ever.

With uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, use of the finest quality of jewels and founding philosophy of highest ethical standards. A jewellery brand that seeks quality and authenticity.

From bespoke gemstone neckpieces to elaborate statement chandelier earrings, they have it all. You can adorn these jewels to glam up any look long after the wedding. Every single jewellery piece has a different style that can be worn with different outfits and perfect for wedding type occasions. It’s time that you choose best and that most stunning one for yourself.

Check the entire collection here.

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