In a world of oversaturated beauty, celebrities are honestly the last people I want to see dropping their own lines (unless ofcourse, they’re innovative!) Hollywood celebrities are doing their own thing, but none of it is stopping the Bollywood divas from doing theirs. Recently, Anusha Dandekar dropped her chem-free skin care brand. And now, Miss Universe Lara Dutta has followed suit.


Lara Dutta has combined her experiences with beauty and skincare with the company, Scentials Beauty and Wellness Pvt. Ltd. And as a result of this alliance, we have Arias – a complete skin care brand that caters to the various skin care needs of women.

And Lara isn’t one to stick to stereotypes. Owing to her rich encounters with the beauty world, her brand is all about having something for everyone! (Which, obviously, calls for a celebration!) In a country that is obsessed with fairness, Arias is all about celebrating your true beauty, regardless of skin tone.

Arias Lara Dutta
Source: Lara Dutta/Twitter

Another popular personality involved in the curation of Arias is dermatologist Dr. Geetanjali Shetty. Speaking about the brand, she says, “Arias skin care products have been created keeping in mind the various challenges towards maintaining healthy skin. Arias products are vegetarian, paraben-free, have no harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free. We have used ingredients such as Neem, Matcha green tea, Pomegranate extract which are great for your skin.”

The skin care range consists of a number of products, including toners, serums, masks and moisturisers. Moreover, you won’t be breaking the bank over these babes, since MOST of the items are marked under INR 500!

Through her maiden launch, Dutta hopes to “aspire to bring women closer to their own skin, prioritizing its care and embracing its true beauty.”

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