Are You Really GOOD IN BED™?

Dull, tired looking skin when you wake up? Want to do something about it, but don’t have time? Have no fear, GlamGlow is here. GlamGlow’s newest addition to the skin care fam – the GOOD IN BED™ Night Cream heals your skin as you sleep.



GOOD IN BED™ is a creamy passionfruit night treatment with powerfully gentle skin-exfoliating acids and skin-plumping Hyaluronic Acid. Powered by cationic technology, the magic happens when opposites attract: the positively charged formula is attracted to the negatively charged skin surface and the skin-softening technology gets to work.

Everyone loves soft skin. Trust us.

We love it for

✔ Dryness

✔ Dullness & uneven texture

GOOD IN BED™ Key Benefits

SOFTEN. Wake up to sexy, soft skin.

HYDRATE. Moisture magnet hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated.

NOURISH. With passionfruit oil.



  1. Apply a thin layer to clean skin.
  2. Allow skin-refining acids to work while you sleep.
  3. Use nightly or as desired.


GOOD IN BED™ is formulated with nourishing passionfruit and smells just like it! The sexy red jar is even inspired by the fruit itself. So go ahead. Embrace your inner sloth, and get sexy skin!


The GlamGlow GOOD IN BED™ treatment retails for $54 and is available on GlamGlow’s website.