Design your clothes in the most simple way

In this busy day to day life is it possible to go for shopping everyday? No because we have so much to do in just a single day. How simple the life would be if you could design your clothes on your own according to the situation and occasion. Yes this is what you have only imagined in your dreams only. But now you don’t need to worry when you have to go out. Google has help you in all the ways weather it is fashion trend buying the dresses online. This is not it in the list now google has come up with an App which will design clothes according to you.

Design your clothes _ style godsWith help from Google, a new app is blending the world of a custom fashion and personal data. Coded Couture , the app was built by Ivyrevel – an online fashion house backed by H&M – in partnership with Google. Coded Couture’s first product is the Data Dress, a personalized dress that’s created by tracking the user’s lifestyle for a week. It is making me so relieved that now I don’t have to go to all the online shopping portals.

One of Ivyrevel’s founders, Kenza Zouiten, created the first data dress by letting the app log a week of her activities. Here’s how it worked. The brand believe that fashion can really amplify your personality and boost your confidence. But finding something unique to wear can be difficult. That’s why they have come up with their friends at Google. Now finally they have developed a technology that allows us to create one of a kind designs based on how you live your life. Magically, art and code working together. Simply install app in your phone which translates a week of your life into a one-of-a-kind design. Creating a dress with your unique personal story to it.

Now I will directly open this app and will order the dress like what I will feel like wearing. You also install the app and order the dress you want.

Be Unique.  

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