Pop Royalty Madonna once said “”I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay!

In a lot of ways this statement exactly sums up the Bible of Fashion Industry, Dame Anna Wintour and why not? This woman has single handedly influenced and brought some major changes to fashion and shows no signs of slowing down even after 69 years.

Anna Wintour the editor in Chief of American Vogue turns 69 today and has been controling the wheel since 1988 telling people all over the globe whats hot and whats not. The signature bob hair, big Chanel glasses and a tall Starbucks is her aura and wherever she goes people know who’s the person in charge.

Putting celebrities on the cover or pairing couture with denims for a September issue is all credited to Anna, making Vogue the most desireable and noticeable publication in the world.

And naturally when you are someone as big, famous and influential as Anna you are made into movies and documentaries or even SNL skits but nothing shook her, this woman was strong and is stronger than ever regardless of people calling her ice – woman, dragon lady or the Keizer .

Sitting in the front row among all the biggies with her glasses fixed, she judges the collections and then again what Wintour says the world does.

Wishing the fabulous Anna Wintour a Happy Birthday.

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