Anita Dongre And Vidya Vox Collaboration highlight deep and personal expressions of creativity

Free-spirited, vibrant and delightful is all that you can say for Anita Dongre collection. There is no surprise that Anita Dongre has now met the world. From east to west the entire world is experiencing her label, Global Desi which has left the impressions of easy fashion. Now Anita Dongre And Vidya Vox Collaboration will celebrate boho-chic fashion and Indian touch in this collection. Indo-American singer and Youtuber Vidya Iyer is famously known as Vidya Vox. This is the first time in Indian landscape where a fashion brand will be collaborating with a range of female musicians from all over the world to create music which is India-inspired but carries a global appeal.

Anita Dongre And Vidya Vox Collaboration _ Style Gods“Music is love, music is life, music heals and music connects and brings people together. Global Desi celebrates India through design and now we are also celebrating music. With #VoiceYourStyle, we want to encourage talented women artists and offer them a platform. Vidya has created an exclusive song track called “Minnale”, the video also reflects the vibe of the brand. Minnale means lighting in Tamil. The song is in English and Tamil and merges western pop with electronic dance music.” said the designer.

“I first discovered Global Desi when I was living in Mumbai, and I’ve been wearing their pieces for a few years now. The label was also a partner for a couple of my live shows in Mauritius. We’ve been fans of each other, so the collaboration felt only natural. The label is bold and unapologetic, yet colourful and warm.” said Vidya Iyer.

This collaboration indeed has proved that music and fashion have no bounds they have wings which want each one of us to fly high. The more you explore the better you find.

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