Android Homme makes your workout a bliss

Android Homme is a best choice of style and comfort

When you are traveling to and from the gym, you don’t always want to be in your full gym kit. By the same token, if you are heading to a low-intensity workout, you probably don’t need or want to be wearing your running sneakers. This is where Android Homme come in.

android-homme- stylegodsThe brand was founded in 2008 by Javier Laval. Android Homme has continued to define themselves as a men’s footwear brand that is dedicated for offering the very best of the best when it comes to design, details, construction and quality. They believe in creating footwear for “modern men, with no limitations”. These high credentials certainly do not change with the debut of their new style range, the Android Homme Propulsion. Trainers mingle effortlessly with the contemporary and fresh aesthetic of the rest of Android Hommes design spectrum. Comfortable and wearable they offer a great support. They are ideal for all low key workouts.

Android Homme _ StylegodsThe brand has Launched exclusively in black and grey. Both the colors differentiate themselves with strikingly distinctive textiles and textures. Nevertheless, both trainers respectively unite, with both pairs standing out with subtle shine in the rays of sunlight or club light hit your shoe in the day and night.

The Propulsion in Black is certainly a universal design that would be perfect for strolling around an urban city landscape in the day paired with black jeans or chinos. The ideal footwear companion for a night out, blending comfort with modern style. These shoes feature classy caviar effect side panels, with a low top, lace front and a gloss effect sole that really make these trainers pop.  The subtle branded detailing is present with brand tongue patches and upper branded eyelets.

Android-Homme-Propulsion-High-1.5 The Propulsion Velvet Trainers in Grey alternatively feature a luxurious smooth velvet fabric panel detailing. It also adds a class to any men’s wardrobe. These shoes are made with Italian nu buck uppers and shiny rubber margom soles, with laser engraved mid soles.

android homme - StylegodsThe Propulsion range offer a new style is another impeccable range in their unique and stylish collection which now is going to be more impressive. What really makes brand a special men’s footwear brand is their superior skill and experience. This is evident from 8 years of perfectly constructing men’s footwear at the highest level, with intrepid color combinations and luxurious choices of material.


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