Finally Anastasia Beverely Hills makes its entry through Sephora India

Verve India had spilled some beans last month about a couple of major brands stepping into India. One of them was Anastasia Beverly Hills. What felt like an intensely long wait doesn’t feel the same anymore because as of 17th June, ABH is finally available at Sephora India stores and online.

sephora-stylegods-I remember stepping into my first Sephora India store back in 2015 and being utterly disappointed. The only brand I thought was worth buying at the time was Stila. I blew 5000 bucks, (which felt like a lot back then), and came out swinging one tiny ass bag and feeling broke AF. Fast forward to 2019, I am still broke, but thanks to Instagram sellers, my dresser drawers are full of international brands. *touch wood*

But here’s the tea. Although Anastasia Beverly Hills did make quite a welcome entry into the desi retail world, beauty enthusiasts are NOT pleased. The reason?

  1. Even though it took forever for ABH to notice the Indian market, they STILL brought in a very small range of products. However, the range does include the newbies, the Riviera palette and the rest of the summer clan. Hi, dipbrow gel.
  2. The GODFORSAKEN prices! With the price tag Sephora India is carrying, I’d rather order stuff on cult beauty during free shipping period. And even though I’d have to wait, I wouldn’t mind. Cuz at least I won’t be shelling out cash outrageously.
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Source: OUNASS Kuwait


Let’s talk about their stick foundation. Anastasia Beverly Hills carries thirty shades of this particular foundation. But what does their range at India’s Sephora entail? THREE SHADES. LIKE ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS???? THREE????? DON’T GIVE US THIS LAUNCH IF THIS IS HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY IT LIKE DAMN.

Similar is the story with their powder bronzers. Six shades in the line, and we get one. Like wow, I didn’t know bronzers were universal, thanks Sephora.

The ABH collection includes four shades of lip glosses, but no lipsticks. (???)

The brow range is pretty good, but I’m going to pass because those prices don’t work for me.

You get four of their infamous eye palettes – Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, Norvina and Riviera. And also a couple of brushes with prices as low as INR 2000 per brush. Yay. Not.

But here’s where sh*t hits the fan. Remember their gorgeous launch, Dewy Set? It’s pretty similar to MAC’s iconic Fix+. While Fix+ retails for $27, Dewy Set is priced at $26. Want to hear the funny part? Fix+ is available for INR 1800 in India, while Dewy Set has an MRP of INR 3250.


I was really excited for ABH. But it’s a hard pass for me. However, if you’re into it, you can shop the brand online, or head to your local Sephora and go crazy.

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