ColourPop is clearly the brand that never sleeps. Because all they do is bat out some or the other insane collection, collaboration every other day. If you remember the pigments they launched with the Zodiac Collection with Kathleen Lights, you’re going to love these too.

With the success of their loose pigments, ColourPop decided to expand the line and introduce 12 new shades. Of course, you can purchase them individually, or a set – the choice is yours. True to ColourPop, they’re obviously affordable, and pretty


High impact, concentrated loose pigments that deliver extra dimensional colour and shine. These ultra-fine pigments are best used wet for a supercharged, intense metallic or duochrome finish.

You’ll want to wear them all over – eyes, lips, face, body, even your nails!

colourpop loose pigments
Source: Brand

For best results we recommend this formula to be applied with a dampened flat shader brush to prevent fall out and to create insane colour payout and super metallic finish.

Loose Pigments should never be applied to a dry, bare eye. For the best staying power and pigmentation, layer over an eyeshadow primer or Super Shock Shadow.


  • Pwr Up – neon pink
  • Hundo – bright coral with gold flip
  • Fool 4 U – vibrant yellow with silver flecks
  • Tide Me Down – pastel lilac with silver sheen
  • Love Me Hearter – warm coppery peach with golden sheen
  • Elysian – true bronze
  • Off The Charts – soft blush with a golden flip and pink flecks
  • Aardvark – opalescent baby blue
  • Redzone – pale champagne with silver sheen
  • The Dunes – raspberry with a golden flip
  • Doo Wop – pale yellow with light pink glitters
  • Deep End – bright golden peach

All the loose pigments are vegan and cruelty free. They retail as a set for $70, and individually for $6. Shop them on the ColourPop website.

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