Essential part of their wardrobe is their All Time best Celebrities Perfume which you must try

It is the moment in time during the last decade when celebrity scents are everything. Colorful bottles emblazoned with the name of your favorite actress or pop star were the talk of the beauty industry. But don’t miss out on your next signature scent simply because it’s not top-of-mind. There are we to give you the best suggestions about All time best celebrities perfume that you need to check. These perfumes are what you would really love to use.


Curious by Britney Spears

Celebrities Perfume _ stylegodsThis perfume juggernaut has sold more than 500 million bottles in the decade since its release. It’s not without reason: the fresh, juicy floral scent is fun, youthful, and cheery. It’s nearly impossible to dislike it.


Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

Celebrities Perfume _ stylegodsIf you can’t already tell by the bottle, this scent doesn’t cater to just one gender. It combines woody and peppery notes, typical of a cologne, with clean grapefruit and sweet florals for a soft and sexy effect.


Crush by Rihanna

Celebrities Perfume _ stylegodsOut of all of Rihanna’s scents, this one is the most unusual—in a good way. It’s bright and citrusy at first, then a little peppery, then a little fruity, before drying down to musky warm base.


Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

Celebrities Perfume _ stylegodsOnce you get past the outer packaging and cheesy fairy bottle. It’s a strong gardenia and patchouli scent, which never strays too sweet or too sexy thanks to a perfect balance of notes like orange blossom, cashmere, peach nectar, and musk.


Killer Queen by Katy Perry

Celebrities Perfume _ stylegodsThe spicy, warm, chocolate-y scent gets a kick of sugar from juicy berries. But it never goes saccharine. Instead, jasmine sambac, patchouli, and praline ground the scent into a potent, sexy, and truly unique pop star perfume.

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