For brands like Fenty, the Holidays are about amping up the highlight and the glow, with the inclusion of gorgeous shimmers. For Natasha Denona, the Holidays this year are about flaunting all that gold! Featuring a new palette, and a highlighter duo, get ready to be all green and gold, courtesy of Natasha Denona Holidays 2019.


The extension to the fan-loved iconic Gold Palette. Featuring 4 new shades and an existing. 2 cool-green shades, 1 transition, 1 dark brown, and 1 new foiled gold eyeshadows.

Shade Description: 
  • Lodge – 283CP light transition shade
  • Dark Sepia – 47P dark sparkly shade (Existing shade)
  • D’or – 284M gold foiled shade
  • Bia – 285CP green transition shade
  • Antheia – 286DC golden green sparkly shade

The signature Natasha Denona glow formula extending to the gold series. This brand-new cheek and highlighting palette features a combination of 2 new gold highlighters – one warm gold in the super glow formula. Additionally, the other in a golden sparkling diamond powder to create the perfect sparkly golden glow look. Suitable for all skin tones.

Shade description: 
  • Diamond Powder
  • Super Glow

The Natasha Denona Holidays 2019 pieces are live on the brand’s website. The Mini Gold Palette retails for $25, while the Glow Gold Duo is priced at a whopping $42.

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