Farsáli is a brand that took the world by storm. And the founder’s wife is our internet grandma, Farah Dhukai. The story behind the conception of Farsáli is nothing other than Sal’s love for his wife. And her love for skincare and makeup. (Men, take note.)

The brand skyrocketed their sales through Instagram. Anyone and everyone was using their essences/facial oils. Whether it was pre-makeup skin prep, or just adding them into regular skin care routines, Farsáli was everywhere!

And after launching a bunch of cult favourites, the brand is all set to drop a sister unicorn – the Unicorn Antioxidant Lip Mask!


Dip your lips into an enchanting wave of antioxidant moisture. This petal-pink lip mask glides over your skin, filling in cracks and imperfections instantly. As a result, it leaves behind a velvety-soft cushion of elegant hydration, and doubles as an outstanding prep for flawless lip color.

Discover the restorative power of 4 antioxidant super fruits –

  • Goji Berryand Acai replenish Vitamin C for a natural plumping effect.
  • Blueberryand Elderberry fight signs of aging with potent antioxidant Resveratrol.

This deep treatment mask for dry lips transforms rough, cracked skin. Moreover, fast-absorbing formula melts into skin, leaving behind the addictive aroma of fresh baked vanilla cupcakes. Lips feel soft, supple and ready for any color.

The packaging for the Unicorn Antioxidant Lip Mask is like any other Farsáli packaging – heavy, luxurious, shallow glass tub. Although the component does have it’s drawbacks, it definitely looks super pretty sitting on any vanity.

  • As a mask: Massage a generous layer over your lips before bed for a restorative overnight treatment.
  • As a lipstick prep: Apply generously to your lips and allow the antioxidant nutrients to absorb for a few minutes. Wipe away any excess product prior to applying your lip color.

The Farsáli newbie has yet to disclose the launch date, but you can sign up for notifications on the brand’s website!

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