YouTuber and beauty guru Nikkie Tutorials was the personality that put the Juno Co sponges on the map. In a world where people knew Beauty Blender and it’s dupes, the Juno sponges were a major game changer. And after riding high on the success of their squishy babes, the brand recently dropped a new sister – setting powders.


I say powders because there’s two types.

  • Airbrush (which is basically transparent)
  • Brightening

To keep it simple, both Juno setting powders are essentially the same thing, with the addition of ‘brightening pigments’ in the, you guessed it, the second powder.


A revolutionary makeup setting powder formula, created with ultra-smooth, finely-milled, shine combatting micro pigments. Furthermore, the Juno setting powders help blur out pores and imperfections. As a result, you’re left with a “no-filter-needed” soft focus finish.

Moreover, the powders contain an infusion of skin-loving avocado extract. This helps moisturize and maintain a supple and smooth complexion both underneath and on the surface.


Of course, I haven’t used the powders to tell you what the formula feels like, but what I can tell you is something else. Let’s start with packaging. VERY reminiscent of the Huda Beauty Baking Powders (not that imitation is a crime, right Huda?)

Next up, in a world where brands are competing head to head in terms of inclusion, Juno has taken a pretty step back. Launching just two shades if powders ain’t gonna cut it any more, sweety. Personally, I could get away with using these powders, but even I find myself inclining to banana-esque powders.

And considering the price tag $28, I wish they had more options.

Anyhoo, if the Juno Setting Powders feel like your thing, you can snag them here.

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