Tribal jewellery is rich and each tribe has been trying hard to keep it intact but still it started fading which made few designers make conscious effort to join this revolution. This jewellery is made of wood, clay, shells and crude metal which give it the most unique and attractive pattern. Tribal jewellery these days is a either a mix of these theme or just based on just one single story: Banjara(Rajasthan), Bastar(Madhya Pradesh), Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutia(Sikkhim), and Khasi, Jaintia and Garo. Lets take a look at the bygone art and choose the best for us.

It’s time to look back and go rustic with the most unique and stunning art that we neglected because it might not take much time when it will be a fresh and most demanded trend.


Turquoise beads


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Alloy Ring


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Crunchy Fashions


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Different Angles


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La Amber


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Golden Hoops


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Vintage Banjara


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Pink Enamel


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Tribal Fringe


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Painted Triangle


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I know there is so much more to it and will update you with the best soon as there is a brand coming soon which just started their revolution to save the bygone art and preserve it. Let’s see what they have for us.

Go Tribal.

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