Abraham And Thakore Designer Carpets collection was centred on the theme of “Proud to be Indian”

“Creativity is a way of sharing your soul with the world.” It is an inbuilt passion which creates excitement and makes us focus on work more efficiently. Considering the current talent pool, Indian designers are marking their names in not only the world of fashion but the world of creativity as well. With lots of hard work and enthusiasm, our designers are working in different fields to make the entire world praise our country and its work. In the second edition of the ‘Proud to be Indian’ series, Abraham & Thakore designer carpets collection of the exclusive collection of handmade carpets was presented for OBETEE, which was launched at ABC Carpet & Home. “We are focused on going and looking at Indian materials like linen, muslin, silk… We have used Indian materials in a way which is very understated and global.” said designers. Just scroll our gallery to see the luxury collection of carpets.

The launch event was called ‘Indian Makers and Muses’, and witnessed 300 guests who all came together to celebrate 30 years of ABC’s focus on Indian heritage and textiles. Scroll through the slideshow for a quick glance at the collection. The carpets are embedded with a QR code that, upon being scanned, reveals information about the weaver and the origins of the carpet. The new handcrafted collection of rugs fuses timeless traditional techniques with a bold, contemporary colour palette and edge artistry. The initiative is aimed at bringing the loom to the modern Indian context.

“We always wanted to design carpets and it was a joy to work with them. We work with craftspeople all the time. It’s nice to always do something different. There are new energy and new experience.” said the designer.

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