There’s no denying that Carli Bybel is an OG YouTuber. The makeup guru, whose YouTube channel includes videos of her workouts, vlogs and beauty routines is one of the most popular Tubers to #MAKEIT. So it’s only fair that she has her own line of collaborations with leading beauty brands. After all, fans go crazy for that sort of thing.

Bybel recently shook hands with Il Makiage, to create a very galactic makeup line. And the next thing on her agenda? A tie up with the queen of collaborations, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

ABH has released a bunch of tie ups this year, namely with drag queen Alyssa Edwards, and popular beauty guru, Jackie Aina. Moreover, with 3 Norvina palettes launching back to back with no breather, the important question is – Is ABH doing the most?


After the two shook hands on the alliance, the palette took a year to perfect.

Speaking to Allure, Bybel says, “It was a long process, but with something like this and with a brand this huge, I really wanted it to be perfect. And I wanted people to look at it and think, ‘I have nothing that looks like this.’”

ABH x Carli Bybel
Source: Brand

The ABH x Carli Bybel palette is different, indeed. The packaging isn’t their usual velvet casing. Instead, it has a shiny embossed packaging – very disco. The colours in the palette have neutral, pink and purple hues. Furthermore, the finishes include matte, shimmer, metallic and duo-chrome.

  • Boli (Metallic champagne)
  • Bybel (Matte reddish-purple brown)
  • Mandala (Metallic/Duo chrome light purple)
  • Libra (Metallic goldish)
  • Jode (Shimmer teal)
  • OA (Duo chrome blue + purple)
  • Boie (Matte ash brown)
  • Bear (Matte beige)
  • Moo (Metallic light gold)
  • Chai (Matte light brown)
  • Cindy (Matte bright orange pressed pigment)*
  • Stev (Matte dark red)
  • Aura (Metallic red pink shimmer)
  • My Angels (Metallic gold)
ABH x Carli Bybel
Source: Brand

If you’re a Bybel fan, you get these names. If not, here’s a quick rundown – Boli, Boie, Bear, Chai, and Cindy get their names after Bybel’s cats. Jode and Stev, two of the most unique shades of the palette, are the playful nicknames she calls her mom and dad respectively. Even her subscribers get their own shout-out with the shade, My Angels.

Bybel says the ABH x Carli Bybel palette is multi-use. So she recommends you do the same. Eyes, cheeks, face – dab your choice of colour on wherever you fancy.

IMO, I’m not a fan of the palette. Mainly because I’m actually kinda tired of these back to back launches. And I wish brands would take it a little slow. Because hey, we’re not all loaded ya know? Plus, none of the latest launches have been exciting, which just makes the whole thing much sadder.

However, if you’re feeling this palette, go ahead and snatch it up on the brand’s website.

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