Claudia Soare, Anastasia Soare’s daughter and President of Anastasia Beverly Hills knows how to keep her customers happy and hella excited. With ABH dropping their first ever liquid foundation recently, along with subsequent launches, there’s no taking a break for Norvina. The mogul is a big tease on social media when it comes to upcoming launches, and she has proved time and again that ABH is everything to her.

Last year, Norvina dropped her purple shadow palette with her mum’s infamous brand. This year, however, the stakes are bigger, along with the palette itself. And to quote Norvina, the palette includes the “colour of my soul.”


The new Norvina palette is the first ever 25 shade eye shadow palette created by the brand. Titled “Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1”, the palette has been creating major waves ever since it was teased on social media.

This professional grade artistry palette features high performance shades with maximum payoff – so you can create not only your artsy looks, but also your everydays.

ABH Norvina Collection
Source: Temptalia


  • A1 (Metallic lilac with a cool pink reflect)
  • A2 (Matte mid-tone vivid violet)*
  • A3 (Matte rich plum*)
  • A4 (Metallic golden copper)
  • A5 (Matte vibrant warm candy pink)*
  • B1 (Matte vivid lilac)*
  • B2 (Metallic rosy bronze with gold sparkles)
  • B3 (Metallic platinum rose with gold sparkles)*
  • B4 (Matte deep cool violet)*
  • B5 (Matte deep cool plum)*
  • C1 (Matte bright white)
  • C2 (Metallic yellow gold)
  • C3 (Metallic deep rose gold with gold sparkles)
  • C4 (Matte mauve plum)*
  • C5 (Matte burnt sienna brown)*
  • D1 (Matte primary yellow)
  • D2 (Shimmering blue purple)*
  • D3 (Matte primary red)*
  • D4 (Sparkling matte primary blue with blue sparkles)*
  • D5 (Matte black)*
  • E1 (Shimmering peach gold)*
  • E2 (Matte pastel orange)*
  • E3 (Matte ochre yellow)
  • E4 (Matte neon orange)*
  • E5 (Matte oxblood)*


ABH Norvina Collection
Source: Brand

Along with the Norvina Vol.1, the brand has also launched a new liquid lipstick set, all corals, so you can be ready for fall.

This newbie is an exclusive, limited-edition set containing 4 must-have coral shades of Liquid Lipstick. With 2 brand-new shades and 2 fan-favorite shades from ABH’s original assortment (back by popular demand!), this lipstick set features Anastasia’s signature full-pigment formula with a weightless matte finish.

Shades included:
  • Spicy (Matte deep red-orange)
  • Neon Coral (Matte vibrant orange-red)
  • Pastel Coral (Matte muted coral)
  • Red Coral (Matte fiery red coral)

While the Norvina palette retails for $60, the coral crush lipstick set is priced at 35. Shop them both on the brand’s website.

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