Hello Style Bunnies,
An old saying goes ‘Give a women shoes, and she can conquer the world’. In this day and age of fast life, everybody wants instant gratification. For a woman, a shoe has instant effects on her whole personality. Heels make her look taller and more elegant in a flash. Bellies bring out her dainty side, while sandals are her all-rounder, quick fix footwear for all sorts of occasions. If only one knew the different styles of footwear available in the market, then they could survive alone on sandals for the rest of their lives.
Sandals are highly sought for, trendy footwear for women that not only offer unmatchable comfort, but also a wide selection of colorful & fashionable styles to choose from. When comfort and fashion is brought to the ladies in one compact pair of footwear called the sandals, it is only understandable that they’ll go gaga over it. From A-list celebrities to little girls who have barely opened their eyes to the world, everyone and anyone can sing hymn in praises for stylish sandals.
The thing with sandals is that each one of us has created an image of it in our minds. It’s time to let go of that and explore among the humungous varieties available in these magical shoes for women. After all, it’s not just about style; your feet have to feel comfortable in what you wear too. On a hot summer day, your footwear, which you so ardently bought, should be the last thing that keeps you down. So, it’s very important to make the right choice.
Sandals have been a rage since the classical times. Whether it’s the Espadrilles or Gladiators, the bold and beautiful women belonging to the days of yore need to be thanked for passing down this beautiful trend from generation to generation!
Women have loved gladiators ever since their inception. They add power to the dressing and have been continuously manifesting in the fashion world. They play an important role on fashion runways. They also give an edgy feel to the overall look.



Price : Rs. 7990



Price : Rs. 3294



Price : Rs. 2499



Price : Rs. 1895



Price : Rs. 999



Price : Rs. 995



Price : Rs. 1440



Price : Rs. 1599


Gladiators have been in the love list of almost all fashionable girls and women. The gorgeous gladiators that I have listed for you are perfect to flaunt in the night parties. They will beautifully compliment your club dresses and give you a splash of oomph.