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We are all lucky to be living in this era when innovation knows no boundaries. It not about being intelligent but how creatively you think and can modify things to work out in unique ways. Anything that’s new attracts us and appears quite appealing to us.

etxbxr8ociry7j1mfednRecently, I came across unique shoes i.e. highly innovative patent footwear. Edoardo Iannuzzi is the brain behind such an amazing piece. Its really good especially for the travellers because then they don’t need to carry heavy loads for their trip anymore. They allow you to customize your shoes and mix-match it according to your favourite design.


“I’m an industrial designer with a passion for shoes and travels. When traveling I like to bring an extremely minimal carry with me but always be stylish and ready for any occasion. That’s why i invented Shooz, first for myself and then because i thought there where many like me out there.”  Edoardo said.


Shooz are made of a “skin” and a “sole” which are detachable and interchangeable and allow you to create a style that’s perfect for you and perfect for any occasion. All that you need is to carry your different shoe skins where ever you go, and then you can change as per your outfit or occasion. The skins are flat packed and are zipped together, so that they can be carried anywhere with great ease without taking bulks any longer.


These shooz are finely made with best Italian leather, ergonomic soles, anti-shock insole and waterproof zip. Your comfort is their priority. So what are you guys waiting for? Go pre-order your shoes now. You can order it here Shooz.

Hurry up! Grab your shoes now!


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