If you’re living in India, you KNOW the struggle of finding makeup from coveted International brands. And more importantly, your own foundation shade. Well, if you have relatives/friends/acquaintances coming in from the west, read on.

Of all full coverage foundations I have tried, tested andread about, one name constantly comes up. The Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation by Jouer means business. They’re the sole brand that has defined FULL coverage,and with only a little application. While other foundations have to be built up to a full, Jouer gives you the coverage in one swipe.



Supreme coverage, lightweight, and long wearing. Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation creates an impeccable, airbrushed matte finish instantly. Simply smooth a small amount of the concentrated formula onto the skin with Jouer’s Essential Precision Foundation Brush and buff to reveal your perfect complexion.  Weight fill: 0.68 fl oz. / 20 mL

  • Chamomile Extract
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Tripeptide Complex
  • Matte
  • Oil Free

The formula also boasts an incredible wear, so you don’t have to worry about touching it up. During their first release, the brand had 17 shades. Eventually, they added 33 new shades bringing the total up to 50! So I’m guessing you can find your perfect shade.


The Jouer foundation doesn’t flake, and doesn’t get oily/cakey. It goes on smooth, and covers all your blemishes and your life’s problems. Even though, the bottle is pretty small, a little goes a LOOONG way with this foundation.

And, I mean, with 110 reviews, the Essential High Coverage ranks 5 stars. So you KNOW it deserves a place in your life and in your makeup drawer.

The Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation retails for $38 and is available on Jouer’s website.

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