Hello Ladies,
Gone are the days when shirts were worn by men. Nowadays, women carry shirts very stylishly. Shirts, not only make a perfect choice for summers, but are also worn in winters as well as in other seasons. Shirts for women, are designed beautifully with adornments like laces and different necklines and styles, to accentuate feminism.
Women these days, love printed shirts. They are high in fashion and look great with denims and shorts. Though you have seen amazing shirts in cool colors and prints, nothing takes your breath way like a white shirt does. A plain white shirt in cotton or flowy georgette is your style fix any day. Paired with a pencil skirt, flared skirt, jeans, jeggings or leggings – a white shirt is a winner any day. It’s elegant, sophisticated and chic at the same time. To jazz the plain color one can add the pop of color through chunky neck pieces. The fashion statement necklaces are also the perfect way to add a bit of sass to the look. Make a point to match your sandals, shoes with the neck piece. Even your bag should complement your accessories. A hobo or tote will be the best fit for your smart and chic look.
More than anything, white is the color of solace. The hue has peaceful connotation and is symbolic of purity and pristine. Wearing it not only calms oneself, but also has a soothing effect on others. White is the best color to wear in summers. Nothing works better than white in torrid days when all you want is to beat the heat in your cool way.
So, below are 5 ways in which you can wear a plain white shirt.




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1. Shirt : Only White Solid Shirt
2. Shorts : HRX Sports Shorts
3. Sandals : Lovely Chick Black Sandals
4. Bag : JC Collection Black Sling Bag
5. Sunglasses : Clark n Palmer Round Sunglasses




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1. Shirt : Only White Solid Shirt
2. Dress : In Lace of Urgency Midi Dress
3. Shoes : Chuck Taylor All Star Hardware à zip double
4. Sling Bag : 20dresses Black Sling Bag
5. Sunglasses : Alee Oval Sunglasses
6. Handbag : Coca Cola Classic HandBag




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1. Shirt : Only White Solid Shirt
2. Skirt : Polka Dot Flared Skirt
3. Bellies : Urbane Black Stilettos
4. Belt : Black Artificial Leather Belt





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1. Shirt : Only White Solid Shirt
2. Skirt : Zara A-Line Skirt
3. Bellies : Pixie Point Court Heels
4. Bag : Bern Red Sling Bag




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1. Shirt : Only White Solid Shirt
2. Jumpsuit : French Connection Blue Solid Jumpsuit
3. Shoes : Mango Deportiva Ice C White Casual Sneakers
4. Bag : Foonty tote bag


So, when you can do so much with a single plain white shirt, there is no need to worry about picking trousers or denims according to the color of your shirts. Try these styles and for a fabulous look this season.


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