You must make your wardrobes interesting with these summer essential 

Dressing well in the heat can sometimes be a challenge, trying to choose stylish clothes yet keeping comfortably cool. We have put together a few spring and summer essentials for every man to consider adding to their wardrobe in 2017.

The Powder Blue Shirt

-Caliente-nuevo-2017-hombres-de-la-Moda-camisas-hombres-de-la-Marca-de-Color-Sólido.jpg_640x640A classic powder blue shirt is must for every man’s wardrobe this summer. This type of shirt is so versatile that you can make it work for any occasion. For a smarter look team with a tie, either in the same color family, such as navy and cobalt or in red and burgundy which works just as well. For a more relaxed streetwear look, pair with streamline chinos and loafers or white trainers.


Statement Bomber Jacket

9d0969b49c67f518822bd9ef4ebc22c6A statement bomber jacket is a fundamental component of any outfit this spring. Perfect for the streetwear style, an eye-catching bomber can play a major role in distinguishing you from the rest of the crowd. Whether it’s a striking colour such as emerald or mustard, slogans, embroidery or embellishments, this trend strays away from the ‘less is more’ tradition.


Light Parka

apc-green-light-parka-coat-product-1-24360204-2-849849955-normalThese light and breezy jackets are the perfect alternative to a hoodie. They usually arrive unlined and are made from the airy material that makes them ideal for completing your look in the warmer weather. If you opt for a neutral colour such as camel, then another bonus with this piece is that they are timeless, so think of it as an investment.


Streetwear Camouflage

Kanye-West-Oversized-Camouflage-Sweatshirt-Army-Hip-Hop-font-b-Streetwear-b-font-Brand-Clothing-JustinIn actual fact camouflage never really goes out of fashion at the moment it is hotter than ever. The trick is to wear it in moderation, whether it’s a bomber jacket, a backpack or joggers, just pick one camouflage piece for any individual outfit. An easy place to start is with outerwear as it doesn’t feel like such a big commitment.


Desert Boots

mens-grey-desert-boots-street-style-1170×690This style of boot is a classic and versatile. Originally a military shoe that soldiers would wear in Africa. Usually ankle height, made from either suede or leather with light rubber sole. These are so popular and are ideal for both smarter or casual looks. Team with a crisp white shirt and a navy suit for a formal look, tapered jeans and a checkered shirt for a smart-casual look.

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