We’ve talked about double cleansing. We’ve talked about the order of skin care application. We’ve told you to wash, cleanse and tone your face. But aside from these rules, there are certain things you must avoid if you’re looking to achieve the skin of your dreams.

They’re pretty basic, so don’t worry. Just keep these 5 things in mind when you’re going about your skin care.


It might sound strange, but its’s true. I love a good exfoliation sesh – dead skin cells, clogged pores, blackheads – everything gone.

However, one must be careful. Since over exfoliation can lead to skin irritation and breakage, causing more harm than good. Avoid applying too much pressure, and use an exfoliator with gentler, smaller granules.

Source: Women’s Health

In fact, one way to make sure you don’t over exfoliate is by using a chemical exfoliator as opposed to a  physical one.

Try the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

Another thing to remember is the number of times in a week you exfoliate, depending on your skin type.

Dry/Sensitive – Once

Normal/Combination – Twice

Oily – Thrice



I know, I know, This is the hardest thing to avoid. But you must. Since you risk further infection, scarring and pigmentation if you poke with your breakouts too much.

Source: SheFinds

Additionally, pat your skin try instead of rubbing it vigorously – you’ll end up with wrinkles and saggy skin. The same goes for when you rub your eyes too hard.



This is one of the rules repeated by every dermatologist or skin care enthusiast on the planet! The sun is pretty much responsible for how you age, apart from genetics. And not stepping out with sunscreen is a major risk. Since too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. So best load on the sunscreen, mmkay?

sun exposure
Source: Bilderbeste

Our pick? The Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock.



Have you seen people who have pretty good skin on their face, but their necks are a major giveaway? Crow’s feet and a neck are some of the most obvious signs of aging, so you’ve got to take your skin care down your neck too.

Make sure you’re gentle and massage in upward motions so that you’re not pulling the skin downward, which is precisely where you don’t want your skin to go!

Source: TESTERKorea

The skin under our eyes is SUPER delicate as compared to the rest our entire bodies. As a consequence, it needs plenty of hydration and nourishment. Not just to prevent fine lines, but to help get rid of dark circles and puffiness.



Your skin changes habits with the weather, hormones and a bunch of other things. So the worst thing you can do to it is stick to the same stuff forever. I know, it’s hard to let go of your favourite moisturizer. But good skin requires you to constantly be updating your routine.

It’s important to know your skin type and constantly reevaluate your skin (every six months) because there are so many things that can affect it.


Other than the above, remember these key do’s and don’ts if you want healthy AF skin.

  2. Don’t sleep in your makeup. For God’s sake.
  3. Wash your makeup brushes once a week and wash your makeup sponge every time you use it!
  4. Get your beauty sleep – it’s called that for a reason.
  5. Never forget to moisturize, your skin needs it – just make sure you’re using the right moisturizer for your skin type!
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