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How are you all? In my last blog, I came up with valentines gift ideas hope you guys liked it. Today I am gonna start my day telling you about the best options for the revolutionary product, Hair straightener which saved us from heavy bulky iron machines which most the times have screwed our hair and also from the last minute feel good and beautiful moments with perfect hair. My life was a mess because I was using my iron to straighten my hair before and then came this magical product which changed my life. We all love flowy silky hair once in while but investing in a good straightener is a task so here I am to help you with anything and everything with few great straighteners which are worth buying for.

Before investing our precious money, we need to take care of few major points which will help you get the desired hair without any regrets. There are thousands of straightener in the market but before investing on any of those, I personally feel that right product with right information will help you in giving you the desired look in a blink of an eye.

So here is my tried and tested list of hair straighter which is worth buying:

Solution for unmanageable hair is here:

1. Philips keratin hair straightener

Price : Rs 2,695

Buy it here: http://www.philips.co.in/c-p/HP8316_00/kerashine-straightener


My Holy Grail product!!. I bought this straighter 1 year ago and still can’t get over this. I have tried lots of other straighter but this one is the best according to me. It straightens my hair like a magic. It works literally on all kinds of hair texture.  And Philips is a brand on which we can blindly trust so it’s a bonus for the buyers. It only takes a few seconds to heat up. This straightener comes with  iconic technology and keratin coating which causes less damage to your hair. Its extra large plates help in minimizing the effort.

2.Corioliss Pro-V Jet Black Hair Straightener

Price : 1,999

Buy it here:


Corioliss pro-v  hair straightener  comes with ceramic plates you can use it as a straighter and curler too. The best feature of this product is that it has temperature setting. You can adjust its temperature from 100 degrees to 230 degrees. People with light hair can use 100 degree and people with thick hair can go for 230 degrees. this will give you sleek and frizz free hair all day long.

3.Panasonic EH-HW19 Hair Straightener (Black)

Price : 1,348

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.in/Panasonic-EH-HW19-Hair-Straightner-Black/dp/B00HHURXCY


Panasonic EH-HW19 Hair straightener is really good for ladies who are in a hurry because it has comb on both the sides of the plates. It becomes very easy to straighten your hair because comb helps in tangle free straightening. It heats up to 200 degrees. It is really compact and is really good for travelling purpose. You can also use it as a curler too.

4. Babyliss ST387E STRAIGHTENER IPRO 235 Hair Straighteners, (Black)

Price : 5,495    sale : 4,526

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.in/Babyliss-ST387E-STRAIGHTENER-Straighteners-Black/dp/B00KSQPGNM?tag=googinhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=567a27ca-c505-4060-9e7f-f69540090343


Babyliss ST387E STRAIGHTENER IPRO 235 Hair Straightener is professional straightener which is great if you are looking for something by which you can get salon straight hair at home.  Babyliss ST387E STRAIGHTENER comes with Damon  ceramic floating plates. It has a temperature setting up to 200 degrees with led display and also has protection  modes which help in protecting your hair from damage. Babyliss ST387E STRAIGHTENER  has an automatic shut off mode which switches off automatically. It also has a lock system which is really good. Babyliss provides you with a 3year warranty on this product.


5.BBLUNT Linear II Professional Hair Straightener

Price: 4,875

Buy it here:


BBLUNT Linear II Professional Hair Straightener is again a professional hair straightener. Girls are raging about their hair styling products and I am one of the participant in this league. I’ll surely share my experience with their hair styling products in my next blog. Coming to this ionic infrared hair straightener gives you sleek and smooth  hair at home.


Here are my top 5 straighteners which are best for straightening your hair at home. All of the above are worth investing your money in. So grab yours ASAP  !!

Bye toddles

Love xoxo …

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