What is body positivity, anyway?

Body positivity is accepting the fact that every body is worth acceptance and praise, and are equally valuable. It is about breaking stereotypes of what society think is beautiful. The idea of a  body-positive life means embracing principles of acceptance regardless of size, colour and skin.

Accepting and loving your body doesn’t mean your outside is the most important part about you, or that you cease working to improve your nonphysical qualities. True body positivity means working toward the empowerment (emotional, economic, and beyond) of yours and others. 

While a lot of Instagrammers choose to edit out all the bad bits and upload pictures that portray only a positive angle to their lives, there are some who don’t shy away from talking about the real issues too. Amidst all those filters to clear up your skin and angles to make you look slimmer and fitter, there are some Instagrammers who believe in embracing their body, with its own set of curves and flaws and celebrate who they are.

We’ve looked through the Instagram for 5 such profiles, that you can follow and learn to love your body and all the flaws that it comes with.

1.Neha Parulkar

A plus size model who is proud of her body. She is also a body positivity influencer who boldly shatters the idea that only slim means pretty. She has a bold style statement and wants girls to know that beauty goes beyond size. She flaunts her curves with pride, never making an attempt to hide, inspiring others to not feel ashamed of their bodies.

A slap in the face of body-shamers who think curvy girls can’t be hot or look sexy in lingerie–she doesn’t need to talk about body positivity. She just is body positive in the way she carries herself, dresses, and confidently presents her physique.

2. Harnaam Kaur

Life with PCOD is really difficult, especially when people around you do not understand. Harnaam Kaur was bullied for her facial hair but she turned her life around. She holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest woman to grow a full beard.

3. Dolly Singh

The benchmark has been set pretty high when it comes to the way a person “should” look. Weather it was the phase when everyone wanted to be a size zero, or when people expected girls to have curves(to look womanly). YES! Skinny shamming is a thing too, and its as serious as fat-shamming.She has a very bold and charming style of dressing, she own her flaws and makes us love them too. Not being beautiful and perfect according to the societal norms, made her vulnerable at some point. But now she publicly accepts herself and encourages other people to love every bit of themselves too.

4.Nidhi Sunil 

Dark skinned? Well Indian aunties got a lot of comments for you. Skin colour is a thing that you’re born with, discrimination on the basis of that can be quite unfair. And yes, it’s sad that  the beauty standards in our country are measured by the colour of your skin.


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Body positivity is a funny thing. It certainly seems like an issue that everybody’s trying to address right now… and yet… no one can really address what is essentially an intensely individual journey. You could conform to every accepted social norm regarding beauty with one exception, but that exception could consume your life. We all know how this is. What would your day be like if you decided to “give yourself the permission” to totally and completely accept yourself ? If you looked in the mirror and “ actively decided” to love everything staring back at you because it means that you’re alive and that excites you ❤️ ? #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty @Dove #BodyPositivity #RealBeauty #BeYou #Confidence #Dove

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She doesn’t shy away from the sun, not giving a damn about society’s praise for the ‘fair’ skin. Well she is beautiful, and it’s a good thing she knows that.

5. Lilly Singh

Lilly has this natural way of showing herself off without a hint of self-consciousness. She loves her body, and always keep it real. She encourages women empowerment and that you’re beautiful just the way you are.


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A woman should be two things: who and what she wants. ??❤

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We cant help but drool over this beautiful boss-lady. 


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