4 Gym Wear Brands that are proving to be synonym for style and comfort

When it comes to fashion it can be difficult to find a balance between gym wear and the ‘sports luxe’ trend that is slowly taking over the world. However, gym wear can now be incorporated into your everyday outfit choices and the gym itself! Below we’ve listed 4 gym wear brands you need to know about!


Isarora is a result of pure athletic clothes frustration. It was designed on the basis that fitness clothing should also get the same attention unlike a fashion brand. Why can’t they be worn all the time, rather than just for the gym? Marc Daniels and Rick Hendry the co-founders of the business came with the concept of creating fashion forward and athletic clothing.


Myles Apparel

Brand focuses on the basics of fitness clothing, especially as there are a number of clothing or styles that are horribly fitted and uncomfortable. Apparel focuses on the comfort of the clothing and simply adds a minimalistic, yet aesthetically pleasing appearance to it. It is suited for both walking down the street and running in the gym.


One Athletic

One Athletic started as a gym wear brand, however, they have quickly established themselves as a streetwear brand. The brand provides the ultimate fitted style however, it provides a fashionable look. It’s a fashion forward brand that focuses purely on the aesthetic and the comfort.


Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices has matched Under Armour dominant voice by doing the opposite. It doesn’t use models throwing weights around with bulging biceps. Instead, Outdoor Voices focuses their attention on people who want to have fun and stay, rather focusing on the biological, body-defying muscle gain.

Stay Fit And Stylish.

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