A daughter is one of the most beautiful gift,

the world has to give


Recently, I came across a short video on youtube wiith the most powerful message, named You Killed Her. For us its not hard to believe the crime against women. Its so rampant these days that the resultant is Female Foeticide and Female Infanticide.


It is so tough to gulp down the fact that girls are seen as a burden in our society following crime against them. We are living in a modernised era but society’s perception about girls is still the same. Especially the case is even worse in low class socity.


You Killed Her is really a impactual video of 30 seconds. To our surprise, it depicts the message more powerfully than a movie could have. Its not about the length of the video, its all about the quality and the message conveyed. What is more appealing in this video is that, there are no dialogues, only music. With significant and powerful video and stills, its a perfect illustration of what our society needs to be aware of and take significant action towards it.


This video potrays a slum woman, going through all the mishappenings in her life all because she is a woman. While she is pregnant, she is apprehensive about the child’s gender. After she gives birth to a girl, her world seems to have collapsed. She is seen all withered and with deadpan face.

The climax of the video is the ultimate twist in the story, stone-heartedly she throws the newly born baby girl in the river. It is not because she was biased or wanted a boy but all because she wanted her princess to stay aloof from this harsh world where she wouldnot be respected.


Hence, this is one the most compassionate short video that I have ever come across. This is an exceptional video and a must watch for everyone out there.

No girls, No Mothers, No Life!


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