The Balm Cosmetics continue to spazz me with their witty packaging and top notch merchandise. And this time, they managed to do the same with their Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter. Now, I’m the kind of person who likes the disco ball shine on their face which most aunties end up deciphering as oily skin (lol). On the rare occasion, I like a subtle glow-from-within sheen. But the Mary Lou-Manizer stands right in between the two, which makes it a staple in my vanity and a lot others’.


Mary-Lou might not be innocent, but this shimmer sure is! Our highlighter, shadow and shimmer rolled into one diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. Trust us, this champagne luminizer is so gorgeous, it’s criminal.


As usual, the Balm manages to attract the eye with their box packaging. The actual product comes in a round compact tin with a similar design as the box. You get a fabulous 8.5g of product which will honestly last you for so long, you’ll forget how long you’ve had it. It comes with a mirror which makes me super happy as you can take it with you wherever you go and touch up if and when you feel like it.

theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer
Mary Lou Manizer

Mary Lou-Manizer is a pretty versatile product when you look at it. You can use it as a cheek/inner corner/brow bone/cupid’s bow highlighter or a shimmer eyeshadow. The beautiful soft champagne gold colour is finely milled, soft powder without any chunky glitter that is universally flattering and honestly applies and blends like a dream!

Pigmentation is A1, and only a subtle sweep of the brush is required to pick up a decent amount of highlighter. It is talc and paraben free so it doesn’t have a lot of fallout and doesn’t emphasize pores (thank goodness). Although super cool toned chicas might want to go for sister Lou, as Mary is pretty warm toned.

theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer
Mary Lou Manizer – Swatch

The highlighter has a pretty good staying power. It lasts all day long without getting patchy or fading. Be careful to not dig in to the pan otherwise you’ll end up being abducted by pirates!

Mary retails for INR 1699 on Nykaa, which is pretty steep. But if you’re looking for something that isn’t drugstore but not too high end either and is loved by everyone, pick her up! You won’t regret it!

  1. Universally flattering champagne gold colour
  2. Soft texture
  3. A1 pigmentation
  4. Blends flawlessly
  5. Gives a beautiful glow
  6. Buildable
  7. No fallout
  8. Cute retro packaging
  9. Insane amount of product
  10. Comes with a big mirror
  11. Versatile as hell
  1. Not for super cool toned people
  2. Slightly pricier
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