“Sustainable Fashion is not a Trend but the Future – Antonia Bohlke”

When it comes to fashion, this has become sustainable for the environment. It is said that 2020-2021 sustainability fashion is dear to get looked up. As people have been drolling with the COVID-19 crises and the businesses getting nibbed due to poor occupational health. To this, demand and supply chain too got broken to harness sustainable fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

This refers to clothing that is specially designed, crafted, & made, handed over to varied people (consumers), and used in a prescribed way so that it doesn’t harm the environment.

It is seen that during consumer sustainability trends 2021, fashion has seen a change in its diaspora and thus looking upon climatic crises. With the human-havoc getting started from 2020, Global Fashion Agenda and Management Consultancy McKinsey found out the giant leap of gas emission will get colossal in 2030.

The consultancy is said to bring out data that states, the industry is dire inclined in releasing gas emission which is already 10% of total gas emission. That is said to jump three-folds with shocking 2.7 billion tons a year.


How Sustainable Fashion is Important?

2021 sustainability is precious for the days to come. Because this helps our earth to take a deep sigh. As you may know, sustainability is a growing concern. So is the fashion industry which is simultaneously evolving. Here, we’ll know how the sustainable fashion movement is making changes.

Fewer Animals Harmed

Animals are an important part of the ecosystem. Each plays a unique role in maintaining balance with the other. However, poaching and usage of animal fur have also been banned. By the efficient laws implemented by PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals). However, one can save animals from the cruel hands of killing by using sustainable fashion. Through choosing environmental trends 2021. Many fashion brands are choosing to opt-out of such things just to embrace sustainable goods such as fibers, recycled materials, bamboo.

Minimal Textile Waste

Fast fashion mainly deals with this. The main motto of fast fashion is to bring out everything new each time they think about their buyers. This sadly leads to the wastage of textile materials in huge amounts. When it comes to 2021 sustainability, things like long-lasting materials are soulfully used just to amplify the usage life of the product.

Develop your Style

Well, there is nothing to look for others, when you have one for yourself. It has been rightfully worded by Ralph Lauren, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Sustainable fashion brands believe in getting better like wine. It chooses the classic route that includes timeless and high-quality pieces that extends high-end opportunities of self-creativity.


Less Consumption of Water

Making fabric invites huge water consumption. According to experts, it takes 2,730 liters of water to make one cotton shirt. Additionally, 7,000 liters of water is required for jeans. As 2021 sustainability is majorly taken care of, consumption of a lot of water tops the list. Other than that, chemical wastes of dyes and other substance used while the manufacture also hampers the lives of aquatic life which is not a great concern when one implement sustainable fashion in the main domain.

Ejects Poor Working Conditions of Workers

Well, while satisfying for consumer sustainability trends 2021. One also needs to keep a check on the harsh working conditions of garment workers. When it comes to fast fashion, workers are paid less, lives in poor conditions and constant work pressures makes their body unhealthy and weak. By opting more for ethical and sustainable brands, you can be more happy and supple that your products are crafted and manufactured under safe and controlled conditions.


2021: The Year of Vibrant Colors, Patterns, and Sustainable Styles

When fashion gets discussed, things are looked up to be more dynamic and peppy. And this will bring a definite blow to the curse of covid that has dampened the glaze of the domain. Dedicated 2021 sustainability, this year is fully segmentized for serving optimism, hope, freshness to look good and adopt natural energy.

It is also important to add here about Pantone Color Institute and Shutterstock that have released 2021 color trends. This showcases lively bright and soothing colors whose theme revolves around ultimate gray (Pantone 17-5104) and sparkling yellow (Pantone 13-0647). Pantone veils-up in December that got appreciated on the global market for its vibrancy and bold colors. It mainly got applause for chucking off the depressing and disappointment of 2020/21 caused by a coronavirus.

Pantone’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman said, “It’s aspirational. We’re not there yet, but we are aiming for that. We’re to get there. When the gray clouds disperse, we see the sunshine.”

Keeping in mind, consumer sustainability trends 2021 there are other colors too which have been included. According to recent fall of 2021 predictions, colors like

  • Fire Whirl: Bold red color
  • Fuchsia Fedora: A vibrant hot pink
  • Mykonos Blue: Bright blue color inspired by the Aegean Sea

Why Sustainable Fashion is in for 2021?

Do we have any other choice than this? Is it not clear by now, that how cruel we have been towards Mother Earth? Starting from turning 29% of land into a strict concrete jungle, to deforestation, mining, and more. Well, you can very well understand the aftereffect of this… Floods, earthquakes, rise in the level of seawater, global warming, and of course coronavirus (even if it has been man-made and naturally oriented). It seems that we all have been cursed by the overlong of natural disasters. Choosing environmental sustainability trends 2021, is the need of the hour. Thatswhy, let’s not waste any more minutes pitching in for sustainable fashion trends.


Upcycling Old Clothes

To maintain 2021 sustainability, you need to recycle your clothes for more occasions than just one. This is the fact that with a due run of more than a year now. Everybody is at home. There is no vital purpose to leave home for work as Zoom Calls and Google Meets have leveraged the burden of office meetings. By creating a sustainable wardrobe, one can have quality items that will not surely become a part of fast fashion. So, instead of heading to the store and buying a brand new outfit for each occasion. It is important to pull your earlier favorite clothes and set a positive example for environmental sustainability trends 2021.

Embracing Bio-based Material

Things like fiber coming from the pineapple plants to rose petal silk, the fashion of New Normal has taken a 360-degree turn. Acing up with these technologies will be helpful to call for a healthy switch from the hazardous fashion materials that harm the environment and pollutes the habitat. By choosing consumer sustainability trends 2021, we have been able to pick bio-enriched alternatives to polyesters that are 100% biodegradable.

Climate Positivity

Keeping pace with enriched climatic conditions, one must keep a note of safeguarding the environment. It says the fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions and also 20% of wastewater. It further adds that aviation and shopping also pin up the list for degrading the environment. Nevertheless, one should be genuine enough to save the environment while dressing for any occasion.



2021 sustainability agenda also magnifies the life of extinction that results in one million species coming under the knife. This includes a large variety of plants and animals. When it comes to fashion, it magnates a large amount of global biodiversity. Starting from deforestation, to water pollution, piling up of waste, and lots more. Staying with grounds helps one to not let hurt or lose one’s life on the account look good or acquire appreciation.

Social Impact

Social impact has gained a wider spectrum with the recent times as fashion up-heeling has been incorporated. Increasing consumer concern is well relatable with more pressure. This helps to create on the brand so as to share information regarding their manufacturer, suppliers, and measures the brands are taking to ensure the real working conditions and their wages. Being a social attraction. Brands have started to keep a note, of their staff so that they can also be beneficial to the business.


Take Small Steps to Make Bigger Difference

Opting for sustainable fashion doesn’t happen overnight. Committed to buying less new stuff, limit your outfits per day. Invest in something that has more shelf value in your wardrobe. Sustainable fashion is not just buying bio-degradable fashion. But, it is important to take heed of dress apparel that can be worn more than once. So, when these simple things will make a difference. The 2021 sustainability will bring relief to the habitat and ecosystem at large.

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